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Please feel free to download files and stuff - Please vote for RomCity - It is not forced - So Please vote I give you all these free ROMs and no POPups so PLEASE **VOTE**


Monday, October 27, 5:00am - I am workin on my site a bit this mornin before school trying to get more pages up - I got a new member on my site - he has a bunch of playstation iso he will add he his the webmaster of EmuOwnage so we will be sharing files on the server - I am glad that people are voting a little bit more thanks guys and keep those votes coming!

Saturday, October 25, 4:00pm - I got a new layout and it is awesome and I uploaded a ton more ROMs

Sunday, October 15, 10:07pm - I got a frameset along with a new layout - I tried my best - If you all do not know i am only 13 and new to the webmaster world as I have only been doing it for a few months - I hope everyone likes my site - If you have any comments or suggestion please contanct me - Keep those votes coming - After all NO BS or popups or cookies or anything.

Wednesday, October 08, 5:00 - I added some voting sites. and worked on a new layout. Sorry no roms today. I will add more if i have a chance. Keep those votes coming. The more votes he better the site. If you habe any rom request or know any good rom sites please email me.

Tuesday, October 07, 10:10am - I have uploaded a whole bunch of midis and plan to keep uploading more. No new roms today yet- But will upload more today. Please help this site get off to a good start by voting and getting more traffic and more motive to inprove. I will have a forum next Friday at the very latest but probably before then.

Monday, October 06, 1:30pm - I Uploaded some more Roms...alot more. I got most if not all pages up. If u want more programs go to the INSTRUCTIONS page and email me or im me. I have Programs like macromedia studio mx, microsoft office xp pro, windows xp pro w/ serials, command and conquer generals and ra2, photoshop 7, y!tunnelpro, rollercoaster tycoon 2---so im me please PEACE OUT

Sunday, October 05, 8:00pm - I finally got my site up...I have roms but no emulators so far. I will put a couple up tonight. I might not have all my pages up by tonight but I will try....I have a couple of Programs so far but not much...I might be getting a forum soon :)