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Welcome to Reba's Realm. This is a place that I can relate my weight loss journey. "Hold on cause its gonna be a bumpy ride!"

This is a story like so many others out there who are struggling with their weight. I was a chubby teenager, never really fat. I didn't gain weight until the birth of my second son in 1985. (Yes I am that old!!) I packed on a whopping 67 pounds and never even realized it.

Me in 1988 at 200 lbs

I just woke up after the birth of my baby and I was fat. Not just chubby... I was huge!!! Food was my friend. Food was my passion. Food became my addiction. I was a single parent for six years and then food became my boyfriend. Our saturday night dates consisted of a huge plate of Nachos with all the fixins, a rented movie and a huge bowl of ice cream with all the toppings for dessert.

Me and the loves of my life!! Marquis and Tristan

When I met my mister fantastic I quickly lost that 67 lbs and looked and felt great!!!

Me at 155 lbs!

Doesn't that look like a happy and thin face?

When things got bad between me and mister fantastic... I gained the 67 lbs back and more. Food was my friend again... And even though me and mister fantastic have had a wonderful fulfilling 13 years together, food became my secret affair. I had an addiction that I just couldn't kick.

me & my son tristan on his 18th birthday- 240 lbs, Tristan always looks like that in pictures. Its funny the minute the camera goes off he looks drunk or asleep. lol

Marquis & his FAT mommy

FAT & Goofy

I joined Weight Watchers for the first time June 9th, 2003 and quit November, 2003. I was one pound from making my first 10 percent. (Can we say sabatoge ourselves much children? ) I just wasn't getting anything from the meetings. I thought support meant more that you got to talk and discuss your feelings about food and how it is effecting you, then what it turned out to be a Weight Watchers commercial for their never ending line of products the normal person can't afford. *sigh*

Me on my 40th birthday - Highest Weight-254 lbs

I then re-joined in June of 2004. It was a very difficult decision to make because I've always felt like you shouldn't have to pay money to do something it only takes common sense to do. But then again my common sense left about 70 lbs ago. My heart just wasn't in it then. I went to a few meetings. Threw money at the problem but still ate what I wanted to eat. There was a Carl's JR. burger place across from the meeting place. I would go directly there after every meeting. lol

Then in August of 2004 I found out at the age of 41 I was expecting a baby. Wow!!! huh? I actually thought I was going through menopause and was quite shocked when my doctor told me I was pregnant. I'll be honest I was scared. I had lived a lifetime in 41 years. I had raised two beautiful boys and just didn't know if I had anything left in me to give. But God comforted me and gave me such understanding of what this meant. I was not just destined to lay down and die.. I had more work ahead of me. More Joy, more love, more happiness. I quit the program and gloried in my pregnancy. Now for a food addict pregnancy is like a note from the doctor saying you can take up residence in a buffet line. lol I did okay though. I started at about 238 and when Bella was born I weighed 274 at my highest.

Pregnant Me at 274 lbs

Caught in the act... a food addict in action!!!

But out of that madness came the most wonderful gift in the world. Our baby Persephone Isabella. :-)

Born: April 1st, 2005- One of the best 7lbs 8 oz's that I ever gained. :-)

Ladies & Gentlemen meet the newest addition to our happy family.

Persephone Isabella "Bella" for short.

Now I'm back and I've come to realize that its not a diet... its something I have to work on everyday of my life for the rest of my life. My motivation is simple. I'm 42 years older than my daughter. If I continue eating the way I am now not only will I be bed ridden and helpless as she goes through life but most likely I will die early like my mother did. Theres also the concept that I want her to have a healthy lifestyle as well. Its not a choice really. Its something I HAVE to do.

Me today: 257 lbs -September, 2005

I am currently undergoing a transformation from
Caterpiller to
Butterfly and was hoping that you'd like to come along for the ride.
My transformation!!!

Before 254 pounds June of 2003

After: October, 2003 230 lbs

Week # Weigh In Date Current Weight Weeks Gain/Loss Total Loss LBs left to Goal (159) BMI Milestone/Notes
Jun,03 June 6,2003 254lbs N/A N/A 95lbs 38 Joined WW for the first time!!
November, 2003 Nov. 2003 230 lbs - 1 lb 24 lbs 71 lbs 38 Quit Weight Watchers
Week 01 Wed. June 16, 2004 238 lbs + 8 lbs N/A 79 lbs 38 Re-joined Weight Watchers!!!
Week 02 Sat.June 26th, 2004 237 lbs - 1 lb 17 lbs 78 lbs 38 Really bad week.grrr @ me!
Week 03 Wed. June 30, 2004 239 +2 lbs 15 lbs 81 lbs 38 grrrrrrr arrrgghhhhh!!
Week 04 Wed July 7, 2004 239 lbs 0 15 lbs 81 lbs 38 *sigh* What can I say?
Week 05 Wed, July 14, 2004 237 lbs -2 lbs 17 lbs 78 lbs 38 I'm back on track!!!
Week 06 Wed. July 21,2004 234 lbs -3 lbs 20 lbs 75 lbs 38 I'm actually doing a happy dance!!
Week 07 Wed. July 28, 2004 232 lbs -2 lbs 22 lbs 73 lbs 38 22lbs gone!! Whoooohooooo!!
Week 08 Wed. August 4, 2004 230 lbs - 2 lbs 24 lbs 71 lbs 38 Had a bad week but still lost. Thats ok.
Week 09 August,2004 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Quit WW to have my lil Bella!!

Week # Weigh In Date Current Weight Weeks Gain/Loss Total Loss LBs left to 1st Goal (58) BMI Milestone/Notes
START 9-9-05 257 lbs n/a n/a 58 lbs 40.2 Re-joined WW- 3rd times a charm!!
Week 01 Sept.16th, 2005 248.2 lbs -8.8 lbs -8.8 lbs 49.2 lbs 38.9 Wow!!! Great First week!!
Week 02 Sept 23, 2005 246.6 lbs -1.6 lbs -10.4 lbs 47.6 lbs 38.5 Feeling pretty good about things!!
Week 03 Sept 30,2005 244.6 -2 lbs -12.4 lbs 45.6 lbs 38.3 Making Progress!!
Week 04 Oct. 7,2005 245.8 lbs + 1.2 lbs - 11.2 lbs 46.8 lbs 38.3 I swear it was T.O.M.!!! I excercised, I did use all my flex points this week. Next week will be better!!!!
Week 05 Oct 14, 2005 242.6 lbs -3.2 lbs -14.4 lbs 43.6 lbs 37.9 Only 3 lbs to go and I'll be in the 230's!!! Key word is EXCERCISE!!!
Week 06 Oct 21, 2005 241.2 lbs - 1.4 lbs 15.8 lbs 42.2 lbs 37.8 15 lbs gone!!! I'm feeling successful and renewed in my struggle. 2 more lbs until I'm in the 230's!!!
Week 07 Oct 28, 2005 242 lbs +.8 lb -15 lbs 43 lbs 37.8 I really expected to be under 240 this week so needless to say I'm dissapointed. Happy Halloween to me huh? :-(
Week 08 Nov 4, 2005 238.4 lbs -3.6 lbs -18.6 lbs 39.4 lbs 37.3 If you could see me now you'd see a really funny happy dance. I don't know how I did it but I'm more than thrilled!!! I'm finally in the 230's!!!! Goodbye 240's!!!! I hope to NEVER see you again!!!
Week 09 Nov 11, 2005 239.8 lbs + 1.4 lbs - 17.2 lbs 40.8 lbs 37.8 I was doing great then T.O.M showed up this week. He sucks!!! grrrrrr arrrrghhhh!!! But I'm still under 240!!! Positive self talk!!!
Week 10 Nov 18, 2005 237.8 lbs -2.0 lbs -19.2 lbs 37.4 lbs 37 Did not expect a loss but I'll take it!!!! :-)
Week 11 Nov 22, 2005 237.0 -.08 -20 lbs 36.6 lbs 37 Weighed in Early in the week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I'm thankful that I've lost 20 lbs!!!!
Week 12 Dec 3, 2005 240.6 + 3.6 lbs -16.4 lbs 40.2 lbs 38 The Holidays did me in!!! grrrrrr
Week 13 Dec 9, 2005 232.8 -7.8 lbs -24.2 lbs 32.4 lbs 36.5 I didn't make my personal goal of 225 lbs, but I did lose the 3.6 lbs that I put on for Thanksgiving and lost a bit more. I'm happy about my progess. :-) I only have to lose one more pound to make my First 10 percent which I've never accomplished before. Wish me luck!!!
Week 14 Dec 16, 2005            
Week 15 Dec 23, 2005            
Week 16 Dec 30,2005            
Week 17 Jan 6, 2006            
Week 18 Jan 13, 2006            
Week 19 Jan 20, 2006           Personal Goal 212 lbs!!!