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A Truly Emo Poem Ė By David

All I know
Is life and death
All my friends
Are on crystal meth

To make things count
My knife cuts down the lane
Not across the street
I can only feel pain

Why is my life
Governed by hateful fate?
What did I do
To deserve anal rape?

I cry to sleep
Every single night
My parents hate me
Because Iím not white

My parents are European
They love all Caucasians
They hate me because Iím Korean
Why must they hate Asians?

They think there will be
An Asian invasion
This will take place
In the U.S. nation
This is probably because
They constantly have lactations

Iíll soon be dead
In a small empty shed
Because I couldnít get head
From my girlfriend named Ted

And I couldnít get sex
From my dog T-Rex

And I couldnít get nookie
From my furry pet wookie

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