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Robots – A review by David

Even with abundant voice acting talent and the fantastic creators of Ice Age, Robots manages to hold its own as the outright worst movie of the year.

Robots has a basic storyline, consisting of a small-town boy named Rodney, who goes off to make it big-time as an inventor in the largest city of the Robots universe. He quickly finds that the world is not as it seems, and becomes intent on fixing the corruption within the world’s largest corporation; one that makes parts for all robots (apparently, this business has a monopoly on all parts). After extravagant and unreal acrobatics, Rodney succeeds and saves the world.

None of the dialogue was entertaining in the least. Predictable statements and generic emotions make this movie a bore to sit through. Not once will the audience laugh, unless they are still in elementary school. Armpit farts, lame innuendos, and booty shaking make up the bulk of this movie’s comic relief. Luckily for you readers, I stayed awake long enough to tell you to stay away from this movie. I was unfortunate enough to wake up during one scene in which one of Rodney’s friends dances to Britney Spears while wearing some sort of dress. If I can recall correctly, the enemies around him simply fell unconscious (I don’t think people die in this movie) just by watching him dance. With a giddy smile on his face, the robot shakes his posterior at the camera. In the theatre I sat in, two members of the audience died and another four were seriously injured.

There are, however, two things going in Robots’ favor. The animation and sound quality is top notch. All that talent helps in this area. Some of the sequences, including the re-entrance of a lost protagonist surfing in a sea of dominos, show very detailed and well-done animations. While the music was pretty much in tune with the rest of the movie, the SFX are excellent and enhance the overall experience. Because of these qualities, Robots saves itself from utter damnation.

Bottom Line:
I bought my ticket wanting to enjoy this movie, with talented voice actors, and the creators of Ice Age being a big part of that. Instead, I was severely disappointed with the final product. Robots can’t even be considered a family movie, since anyone older than 10 will be bored to death. Excellent animation and SFX can’t overcome the horrific dialogue and bland story. The characters, while decently developed, aren’t likeable and bring down the movie as a whole. If you are forced to see this movie, do yourself a favor. Gouge out your eyes and feed them to the little children enjoying this movie.

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