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Love Poem for My Special Lady

Your hair is voluminous.
It falls like a veil of sexy over your well-defined facial features.
You have the prettiest little
In your arms.
I cannot hold back much longer, I must tell you how I feel.
I wish to suckle your
Even though I have trouble sticking my tongue out of my mouth I Believe
We both shall find it most pleasurable.
You have the most scrumptious
I like it so much that I want to draw a picture of it with a Pencil.
Your cornea, deux cent quarant huit. So deep,
I feel as though I could drown small mammals in your eyes.
Will you let me lick the side of your face?
Because I want to.
Oh, baby. Oh, Baby.
Your touch is elation,
Like supple elevation.
I want to ride your escalator.

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