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In all walks of life we have the deadly, We have animals in the forest such as a lion that will rip you limb from limb just because that is instinct in the lions nature.  Even in the human world there are natural born killers and one of those is the psychopathic Nathan Jones.  This man is otherwise known as the Colossus of Boggo Road as he served ten years in prison and believe me you don't want to get in the way of Nathan Jones.  His good friend Matt Morgan is one of the very few who he can relate to... Morgan is a monster just like Jones and both men get there kicks in life just by making others suffer.  These two men are known to us all as those guys with something wrong with them, And although they openly admit they are not like the rest of the world it is obvious that Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan are two men who have the desire to kill.  Nathan Jones has been put in a match at the RW-Concept PPV which is the last event of 2003 against John Cena who claims to be untouchable.  However we all know that Nathan Jones will be touching John Cena at Bodycount and not touching him in any other form other than the form he will be touching him with monstrous and deadly life threatening hits.

Nathan Jones: G'Day mate!

Matt Morgan: Hey Nathan.

Nathan Jones: Do you know who I get to face at Bodycount?

Matt Morgan: No man?

Nathan Jones: I get to face John Cena!

:: Nathan Jones has a evil looking smirk ::

Matt Morgan: Awesome, You happy about that?

Nathan Jones: You're damn right I am mate!

Matt Morgan: Haha damn I would be happy too if I was facing John Cena!

Nathan Jones: Why is that?

Matt Morgan: Well think about it man.

Nathan Jones: Think about what?

Matt Morgan: You know man, Don't play silly!

Nathan Jones: I am being serious mate!

Matt Morgan: Well look at you, You're a fuckin' monster... And what is John Cena? Some guy who wishes he was still 14 or something with his fuckin' kiddy rap crap!

Nathan Jones: Yeah mate, There is NOBODY that can stop Nathan Jones, and that all gets proven when I kill John Cena so he can NEVER ANNOY ME WITH SHIT RAPPING!

Matt Morgan: Yeah there is nothing more annoying, I mean c'mon if we wanted to hear rapping I think we all know how to turn on MTV or switch an Eminem CD on.

Nathan Jones: Eminem? Who the fuck is Eminem?

Matt Morgan: OH Nathan you have been in prison too long my friend!

Nathan Jones: Yeah I have, The anger is still in me... I was the most feared man in Boggo Road Prison and everyone has said I was released too early!

Matt Morgan: Well I think for the safety of guys who need to grow up like John Cena, they should have kept you in prison Hahaha!!

Nathan Jones: Yeah Nathan Jones is a danger to society... Especially the kind who will try disrespect me with kid-style rapping.

Matt Morgan: Nathan I seriously don't understand this, You don't even know who the hell Eminem is?

Nathan Jones: No mate,  Tell me who he is and I might pay him a visit!

Matt Morgan: Nah Man Eminem is a professional rapper... At least his raps are not annoying like John Cena's crap attempts!

Nathan Jones: I see.

Matt Morgan: Yeah Eminem is good a rapping, Hey maybe we will give him a visit!

Nathan Jones: I'd like that, I will murder Eminem because I don't like Rapping mate.

Matt Morgan: Nah man you can't kill Eminem, I think he is good!


Matt Morgan: Hahaha yeah you can kill anyone at will power and believe me so can Matt Morgan, But I say you keep your mind focused on John Cena!

Nathan Jones: Keep my mind focused eh?

Matt Morgan: Yeah definetly.

Nathan Jones: Sorry mate, I get frustrated sometimes... Prison turned me into a fucking animal and an animal that kills instinctively... I won't kill Eminem however John Cena will be the first man in RW-Concept to feel my wrath!

Matt Morgan: Yeah I like the way that sounds Nathan.

Nathan Jones: I like the way it sounds too, John Cena dies before he sees the year 2004... that will make a good headline

Matt Morgan: Hahaha fuck yeah, Nathan Jones aka RW-Concept's very own Hannibal Lector kills John Cena on first night on the job... That's fucking awesome!

Nathan Jones: Yeah mate that is exactly what I am,  I am the horror movie monster you read and feared as a kid, I am the opposite of anything normal and I am the most vicious monster you will ever meet in your life!

Matt Morgan: Yeah Nathan, Let's go now before you start ripping cops heads off or something

Nathan Jones: Okay mate let's go... But when we go can we look for someone just like John Cena just so I can torture them?

Matt Morgan: If you like Nathan, I'll torture them too Hahaha!

:: Both Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan walk off laughing in an evil way and the two monsters look like they are going to do something sick and sadistic just like Nathan Jones will at Bodycount! ::