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Training for Sydney!

On the right, me in a triathlete wetsuit. I needed to do a couple of test runs, short swims, to get accustomed to the wet suit I would wear in the Olympic Triathlon in the Gay Games VI, in Sydney Australia.

Photography courtesy of Sebastian Dechréast .

The Gay Games VI, held in Sydney Australia, brought me to a new level of training.

Unlike the Half Marathon where I had the DC Frontrunners helping me to stay focused and motivated, I was all on my own training for the triathlon. I think I've grown acustomed to this, though.

To add to the challenge of training, staying focused and motivated, 2002 was the year Charlottesville had a water drought. When the city's water reservoir began to approach 60% water capacity, city officials began implementing water conservation efforts. One of the two city pools was closed down and the groups using these pools had to learn to use the one pool, groups like High School swim teams, adult water aerobics, adult swimming, ..., al began swimming out of a 6 lane, 25 yard pool.

Keeping mind a thought I found in a training book, I tried something new for the Sydney Tri. I tried a new version, rather unusual, version of a brick workout. Unlike the brick workouts I had been doing all summer and that most triathletes do, where you cycle a distance then you get off the bike and go running for another distance, I tried doing swim and run bricks.

Swim and Run, brick, workouts were just too exhausting. Swimming left me too tired to run, and running in when the heat is stronger. So I reveresed the order and tried Run, then Swim. It worked much better overall.

Then, I incorporated this new workout on my schedule. One week, I would do the bike-run workout. The next week, I would do run-swim. I did this about the last 3 months before Sydney.

. . .

The day finally came when I would fly to Sydney. I flew from Charlottesville, VA to Atlanta, GA and then to Los Angeles California, via Delta. In LA, I took Qantas to Sydney Australia.

I arrived on Saturday morning. First on the agenda was to register, confirm my attendance so that I could participate in the events I had signed up. Second, I had to meet the guy that was going to loan me his bike so that I could do the triathlon. Third, take the bike to place where the triathlon was to take place. And last but not least, attend the open Ceremonies. And yes, I did it all.

I left the opening ceremony about 10:00 PM, via taxi. At the Hotel, I ordered pasta for my fist full meal of the day, and bought PowerAde at a convinience store across the Hotel between the time I ordered the meal and the time the meal was delivered. I ate it,
actually nearly swallowed most ... very unlike me. And I went to bed by 11:30PM.

The alarm clock was set for 3:15 AM to go catch the train, at 4:00 AM, that would take me to the competition place, the Reghatta Center (where they did rowing for the Olympics). The train ride was about 1:15 and race day registration went pretty smooth.

Here are my results. The swim was 1,500 meter swim,
40k bike, and 10k.

Total Time 2:47:08.8

Swim Time 0:34:38.4

Bike Time 1:24:23.6

Run Time 0:48:06.8

Overall Place 139



By Age (out of 120)










The bike and run course was rather flat but the most challenging
was making it to the event on time. As you may know, the event was on the 1st Day of the games, after the opening ceremony, while heavily jet-lagged.

So, I guess the times are not too bad considering the lack of sleep and food from having arrived the day before the triathlon.