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River Cities Sportspectrun Triathlon

August 6, 2000

500 m swim/18 mile bike, 5k run

My favorite triathlon. This year I went with a mission ... to beat my time from last year!! (First time I set goals.) Well, I ended being about a minute slower. :-(

But I had fun!!!

No volunteer photographer, this time! ... so pictures are few!!

This year, SportSpectrum used a chip. This was a great idea since it eliminated the need for me to try to capture split times, not that I am any good at getting my splits. Anyhow, my splits were:

Swim -- 13:15

Tran 1 -- 3:12

Bike -- 55:44

Tran 2 -- 1:19

Run -- 21:35

Tran 1, transition from swim to bike, is usually the slowest for me since I put on socks (that I'll use for the run), sweat-band, prescription sunglasses, heart-rate monitor, and race number. Tran 2, transition from bike to run, is faster since all I do is take most of it off and change from cycling to running shoes.

This year I wasn't able to push my quads, on the run as I usually do, 'till near cramping state as I was fighting a side-stitch.

As usual, though, I had a blast at RiverCities Triathlon!