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New Territory Triathlon

June 17, 2000

(½ mile swim, 18 mile bike, 3 mile run)

To this date, despite that my swimming has improved so much the last 3 years, I still feel uncomfortable with a mass swim start. In a mass swim start, you can easily get elbowed, swam over or kicked and knocked unconscious. So I always place myself in the back of the pack and swim my way around the slower swimmers ahead of me.

Swim time ... approx 15 minutes.

Once the swim is over, the fun begins. It is all downhill from then on, regardless of how difficult the cycling course might be. (That is because I come from a cycling background).

The bike course took about ... 55 minutes (an average of 19.8 mph)

The bike course was an out and back on Grand Parkway. The first half of the course was with a tail-wind, I was doing about 22 to 23.5 mph. The second half was with a headwind, I was doing about 18 to 19.5 or better. I passed some triathletes on the bike and some others passed me.

The run is where I give all that I have left. I have a simple strategy ... reel a runner in one at a time, keep the heart rate at upper end without "red-lining" or "going in the red" so that towards the end of the run the quads are about to cramp. Also, the strategy includes politeness, be nice to your fellow runners by cheering them on or making conversation. Only one runner passed me and I lost count as to how many I passed. I do recall passing many of the triathletes that passed me on the bike.

Running time ... about 20 to 21 minutes (I didn't have the strength to stop my watch and left it running extra time)

My unofficial time for the entire event was 1 hr 34 minutes, including transiton times.

Photographs taken by J. C. Wilmore

posted Dec 30, 2000