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Running was not "love at first sight". I began running as I toyed with concepts of cross training for cycling and to stay in better shape over the winter of '89, while I lived in Lake Jackson (where the winter season is rain). It had nothing to do that my triathlon performance could improve if I could run faster.

Over the years I have been finding my talent as a long distance runner. I have always been fortunate to have other runners give me pointers on how to improve and how to training, even how to manage my nutrition. Thanks to all the people whom have help make this accomplishments happen.

Anyhow, here is a summary of my years in running, more like racing. It starts with the latest accomplishments, followed by a list of PR's, then a few commentaries of "way back when I actually participated in fun runs" and not as racer.

Here are my PR's ...

2004 - Motorola Half Marathon - 1:22:50 / 6:19 pace [Austin, TX - February] I came close to beating my 1999 PR (3M Austin's Half Marathon -- 6:32 pace [1:25:35]) in the 2004 Houston Half marathon with at time of 1:25:59 / 6:33 pace. The Houston Marathon left me "watering" with the idea that I still had what it takes to get fast. Indeed, the Motoral Half had the perfect racing conditions and I made it happen.

April 2003 - April's race(s) was/were the Charlottesville 10 Miler on Saturday and the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday (April 5 and 6). Charlottesville results were 1:07:23 or 6:45 pace and the Cherry Blossom results were 1:05:55 or 6:35 pace. It was truely gratifying to be able to do "negative splits" over the two races. (The Cherry Blossom time was about as fast as the Army 10 Miler pace where I ran a 1:05:53 and is a PR.)

2002 - Charlottesville 10-Miler - 66:38 pace (6:38) [Charlottesville, VA - April] I have the same finishing time and pace for the Charlottesville 10-Miler as I do for the Ten miles for TX held in the Woodlands, TX (1998). 10-Miles for TX, though, is a flat course and finding stretch of flat terrain for 1 mile around Charlottesville is unimaginable.

2001 - Baltmore Marathon - 3:45:26 / 757 overall [Oct 20] Not necessarily my best run but I still finished without getting injured, I was running 4 days later. This was an improvement over the last marathon (1998 - Houston Marathon with a 10:01 pace (4:22:48 total) 1772nd male out of 3097 males) in which I wasn't able to run for at least six weeks after the race.

2001 - Pepsi 10 K - 6:13 pace (38:29) [Charlottesville/Ivy, VA - Sep 15] I took some time off my marathon training to take the challenge and compete ... per invitation of a cyclist and a triathlete. This was a real PR since I managed to cut off about 30 seconds off my last 10k PR, and the terrain was definitely more hilly than Lake Jackson, TX.

2001 - Martha Jefferson 8k - 6:24 pace (31:42) [Charlottesville, VA - Mar 17] The race that wasn't. I trained hard during the week in preparation for the 10-miler and I didn't intend to "race" in this event. The day was so beautiful, sunshine and just the right temperature, and I met lots of friendly runners that I got inspired to push it. I came in 1st in my age group (the real 1st place finisher won the 2nd overall which allowed me to pick up hardware, ie a trophy).

1999 - Tomball 15k -- 6:51 pace (1:03:45) [Tomball, TX]

1999 - The Turkey Trot at Williams Tower (5k) - 18:45 minutes total, about a 6:05 pace [Houston, TX].

1996 Gator Gallop - 25:24 total on a 4 mile course [Lake Jackson, TX] One of the first races I had placed in 1994; when I was starting to discover that Fun Runs were meant for competition.

Now for the fun part; here is a list of races I have run over the years and a few anecdotes ...

New Years Resolution 5k - Charlottesville, VA -- 2 yrs

Star City Half Marathon - Roanoke, VA

Rock'n'Roll ½ Marathon - Virginia Beach, VA

Sallie Mae 10k - Washington, DC

Charlottesville 10-Miler - Charlottesville, VA - 2 yrs

Martha Jefferson 8k - Charlottesville, VA - 2 yrs

Colonial ½ Marathon - Williamsburg, VA - 2 yrs

Lubbock's Hall of Fame ½ Marathon - Lubbock, TX -- My last long distance race I would participate before moving away from TX. I had a 7:22 pace ( 1:36:16) [Sep 4] I dedicated it to a young man, Sebastian Deachrest, that helped me transition from Houston to Charlottesville. Race conditions: 80°F at the start of the race, Labor Day Weekend.

3M (Austin's) Half Marathon - 3 yrs.

Connoco 10k Rodeo Run -- 2 or 3 yrs

Brazosport 10k Fun Run -- at least 3 yrs

1998 - 10 Miles for Texas -- 6:38 pace (1:06:38 total)

Bolder Boulder -- 2 yrs

St. Mary's 15k -- 2yrs

Red Raider Road Race 10k

Brazosport 10-Miler -- Lake Jackson, TX. My first long race, 1995. Pace was not that important at the time. But I was beginning to discover that my cycling endurancewas "somewhat" transferable to long distance running. The first half of the race, Jan helped me set the pace (one ofmy first running mentors). After the turn-around point, from an out'n'back course, I couldn't resist the temptation to go faster and Jan gave me her approval. Slowly, I increased my pace, as I "reeled" in one runner after another until I crossed the finish line. This is, also, the first race I completed and I felt like hurling/puking/vomiting. Somehow, this was to mark the discovery of my like for running. (Pix on the left is from the 10-Mile Run and it is a little fuzzy.)

1994 - Gator Gallop -- 26:51 total on a 4 mile course [Lake Jackson, TX] I placed 3rd in my age group, 20-29. I remember this race because the night before I had played soccer. I went to play with the team with intentions of supporting the team and playing enough but not to run my energy reserves down. However, our soccer team did not have any substitutes that night so I played the entire game. Furthermore, our opponents had subs and were younger than my team. I remember putting up a good match that at the end of the game, one of the opponent players came up to me and said he was glad it, the game, was over because he had never had to run so much and so hard. At the start of the 4 mile. I was feeling tired all the race and I couldn't help but to think "That's what you deserve for playing soccer last night".

Firecracker 4 - Lake Jackson, TX - 3 maybe 4 yrs

Flapjack 5k - Freeport,TX (1993)

Lake Jackson Festival of Lights, 5k - 2 maybe 3 yrs.

Brazosport No Name Festival 5k (1991) -- pace ??? It really didn't matter to me than. This was one of my first races/fun-runs. I know it took me somewhere around 25 minutes. At the time, it was not high on the list to know paceand overall time. I had started doing Fun Runs because I had made a bet with my friend as to who would acquire more t-shirts from an event over the course of 1 year ... the loser buying the other diner. In May of that year, Maria, the freind I had the bet with, had so many t-shirts from fun-runs she had been doing and I had only done maybe a handfull from bike rides that I had to catch up some other way ... by doing fun-runs.

I did this event 2 years in a row, when I did fun-runs very casually in order to have "fun" and enjoy it.