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Cinco Ranch Triathlon

August 27, 2000

500 m swim/18 mile bike/3 mile run

Many thanks to Leslie for volunteering as photographer

The race ... to catch up to Marti, I would have to make up 5 minutes on the course. Marti is an awesome competitor, though!!

I was having a "chemical blond" day. On my first transition, I couldn't remember which order to put all the accessories, glasses, heart rate monitor, sweat-band, race number ... AGH!!! Technical Difficulties!!!

No matter how much I tried, I came in 15 seconds behind Marti!!!

My splits were ...

Swim: 9 min 4? for 500 m swim

Bike: 52:28 for 18 mile bike

Run: 20:39 for 3 miles

Normally I don't have this information since at one time or another one of the gadgets always gets reset (typical chemical blond moments). The total workout time was 1:22:57. My transition accounted for about 5:30. My first transition where I had a "chemical blond" spell added about 1 whole minute to my transition, in compariso to River Cities Triathlon, which used chip timing.

posted 30 Dec, 2k