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An Ode to VA


I moved to Charlottesville, VA, Oct 2000, following a job to help develop my career as a Process Control Engineer.

<< self-portrait

My first hiking experience. When I arrived in Charlottesville, I stayed 3 days in a hotel. At the end of 3 days at a hotel, I went to move in to the temporary housing. Checkout at the hotel was at 1:00 PM but check-in to the temporary housing was no earlier than 5:00 PM.
To kill time, Ernie suggested I go see the Blue Ridge Parkway. I did, as suggest, and ended climbing Humpback Rock.

I assimilated to VA living as best I could.

I found VA to be awesome for training. I improved my cycling and running, because of the terrain, a matter of survival in the sports I like to do. I improved my swimmming because I found a coach teaching Total Inmersion, for free, at the pool swam in.

L to R: David, me and Jeff, Tues/Thu night bike rides, Earlysville VA. I sure do miss this fun cycling group!!

Me with the 10 Miler running group, from Charlottesville, the guy on my left, Bill Guerrant (last guy from l to r), can run the 10 Miler @ 6 min pace

self portrait >>

The following pictures are self portraits from the places I went hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkways and Shenandoah National park.

Speaking about missing, the DC Frontrunners are a fun running club!!