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Jamie Dwyer's Wicked Awesome Page!

Yes, this is my wicked-awesome page. I finally got the this page off the ground with an awesome layout. Not too much here yet, but expect updates every (other) day.

Updates ::


Nov 14,2003:

Woo woo! Brand new layout. You know you love it. Nothing else added, but you people can't expect too much from me.


Nov 13,2003 :

I'm on a roll! Broken links fixed and webcam added. New section added, critiques, and a review of the worst rapper ever, 50-cent. A bit more stuff added too, too lazy to list it.


Nov 12, 2003 :

Added some more stuff to the site. Entrance page, about me, and some more stuff.


Nov 11, 2003 :

Started the basic layout of the site. Just the index page and pics for now, more to come soon.