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critique on :: 50-cent


Congratulations on 50-cent, the biggest poser in the world, for being chosen by me to be the first person to be made fun of in this new section. Let me start off saying : since when is this considered music? Maybe I sub-conciously slipped into a coma, and when I woke up all this crappy over-rated mainstream rap music suddenly becomes popular? Since when has 50-cent's random mumblings with an added background beat been considered rap, even?

.::in depth: why he sucks so much::.

One day I turned on the TV, and one of this idiot's videos was playing. I believe it was "P.I.M.P." (what an original name by the way, you friggin' moron). I figured I'd give it a chance. I gave up trying to understand any of the lyrics after about a minute. Then I realized that this guy mumbles the same thing over and over through-out the song. After looking up the lyrics, I discovered the guy says about 10 lines over and over throughout the whole song. Come on 50, can't you do better than that? Well, the answer is obviously no. Because he sucks.

.::idiocy rating::.

Well, as much as I regret this (pff, who am I kidding) I do believe I'll have to rate 50 an 11/10 on the idiot scale. Keep up the crappy work 50. Or better yet, don't.