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About me

Humiliate me like the slut that I am

Hi my name is michael, I am male and I am a complete and total slut. I like to be humiliated. Humiliate me. I like to be humiliated by women. Any woman who wants to use and abuse a slut like me. I crave to be used and humiliated like a slut. I want this, I need this, several times a day, all day long, over and over again. If you are looking for someone to treat like a whore, use me, that's what I want. I get a hard on if you treat me like a slut. I guess that makes me a slut. I know I am a slut. I enjoy being a slut! I am glad I'm a slut. A dirty nasty slut, that's me!

For some odd reason it turns me on really really alot to be a complete and utter revolting slut. A slut who allows herself to be used, be used and abused. A depraved, degraded, wanton, lewd, perverted willing slut. I am a slut and I love being treated like a slut too, like the slut I am. Hard and mean, like any common whore, like worthless garbage, like trash, like a worthless piece of shit... Yes that'S it! I am just a worthless piece of shit, ready to be treated like trash.

I am a piece of shit and my name is michael. I am whore, that's me! I am a useless, weak bitch whore. I am not strong, I cannot do anything but look stupid, I am not talented except as a slut.

Really I'm more then your average slut. I need more then just pleasurable sex. I'm looking for more then that. I want to be abused. I crave abuse. I want to be misused hard in a perverted way. Ill-treated, Ill-used, used coarsely, used carnally. I like to be used and abused. I enjoy degradation! I like to be degraded so much. Used and abused and beaten like a slut. I love to be degraded and humiliated. I love to be debased. It makes me so hard. Make me like it. Yes I do like it. Treat me roughly. I like it. I like it rough. Humiliate me, hurt me, please. Dominate me. I like to be dominated. TAKE ME, USE ME, LOVE ME! I want to be taken. I want to be captured. I want to be a slave. I want to be owned. I want to be controlled. I want to be owned and used and fucked. I guess you could say I want to be a fuck slave. I want to be a slave and I want to be treated like a slave. Like a whore.
I want to be degraded like the worthless whore that i am. I guess you could say I am a degradation slave. Somebody who likes to be degraded in the worst ways. I am a whore and I just want to be treated like one. Sexually anyway. Especially sexually. Just use me. Use me like a whore! Treat me like a whore!>

My name is michael but you can call me slut, whore, idiot, faggot, cum bitch, dicklet, bitch, dumb bitch, dumb stupid dicksucking whore or anything you like. The more degrading the better. In front of the more people the better. In public! I will always answer you and acknowledge that's what I am. Yes I am a slut, a whore, a faggot, a cum bitch, a dicklet, a bitch, a dumb bitch, or a dumb stupid dicksucking whore. Belittle me, berate me, humiliate me. I love it! Show everyone what a whore I am and that you own me! I do whatever you say. I am your bitch, I am your property, I am your whore! Put me on a leash and treat me like a dog. Take me out on the street and make me walk on all fours nude. Make me urinate in the park like any other dog. Let the other dogs sniff my ass. Make me sniff strange men's crotches like a dog. Invite them to rub they're crotch in my face if they like. Show them how small my dick is.