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PRESS RELEASE For immediate release: For more information, contact: Dan Seidler, Vice President, Inc. 775-201-0993 4104 Kietzke Lane, #103, Reno, NV 89502-5051 Side By Side Marketing 715-386-8546 381 Whitetail Lane, Hudson, WI 54016-8178 ‘Daily News reports local secretary swindled by on-line Don Juan….’ ‘Identity Theft considered top concern of web site interaction….’ ‘Provocative Lolita scams businessman for almost a year….’ Looking for something positive to report about the internet? Reno: Internet firm Provides Solution for Safer Meeting on the Internet! It seems these days that just about every story reported about internet activities is negative. Maybe rightly so – forewarned is forearmed. And there is a lot of deception, lies and misinformation that proliferates the internet. This is what prompted the creation of a new internet identity service, “If you can prove who you are – it puts the pressure on everyone you meet online to do the same,” states Vice-President Dan Seidler.’s unique id service, verified by a third party, proves who you are when you are online. is not a background check company, but offers that as part of its service. “The difference,” says Seidler “is that every other background service online is promoting their use for an individual to do as a check on someone else on a one-time basis.” So the consumer has to try to get the other parties pertinent private data to do the check and verify who they are dealing with. With, an individual is in control of their own data. By members having a check done on themselves, they can prove who they are to others and don’t have to give out any information that they don’t wish to. There are options for a variety of membership terms, with each providing for unlimited use. This provides credibility when meeting others through personals/dating sites, chat rooms and instant messaging. PersonaCheck and PCQuickCheck are usable in chat rooms, instant messaging, replying to personal ads and in any personals ad website or print. Members can show their sincerity, seriousness and basic identity with total control, confidence and privacy. All information is encrypted and transferred over secure servers. FREE Media Test! To see how effi cient and useful this service is, we have set up a test membership for the media to use and experience how makes surfing the internet safer and more secure. Please visit our site, and enter Media for your member name and tester for your password. You will be able to see first hand how it works (with demonstration information) without any cost or personal information release. Send a profile to yourself and see. The ONLY service of its kind on the net! Interviews welcome.