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Wall Panels

Decorative MDF Wall Paneling

Introducing an exciting new range of paper wrapped
tongue and grooved wall paneling manufactured with medium
density fibreboard (normal and low emission E1) and high density fibreboard.

Provides an attractive interior finish for the home or workplace
with easy maintainence.

We offer a wide selection of prints in traditional and modern designs.

Why Paper Wrapped
You do not have to be an expert to fix up the tongue and grooved mdf wall panels. It just so simple.

The advantages of paper wrapped wall panels are :-
cost is economical
easily installed
designs are constant
allows for a wide range of patterns and designs to be manufactured
according to your needs


With the tongue and grooved wall panel, the wall is a piece of art, a place to explore your imagination.


We have six (6) main designs to choose from and our range is expending constantly for your needs.

Quality Assurance

All our products are tested with stringent quality control to ensure that you get only the best.

Common Sizes

8mm x 1440mm x 2440mm
(We can customize for your requirements)