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Flush Door
MDF Boards
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Laminated Boards

Lamination is the process during which final polymerization and
binding of impregnated sheets to the substrate or particle
board are carried out.

There are many methods of lamination. One of the methods used is of the Low
Pressure Lamination type where impregnated material is placed onto a board
and the press closed at high speed with a pressure used at approximately 30
to 50kg/cm squared. Temperature can vary from 130 to 140 degrees C.

Some of our laminated products are described below.

  Our Laminated Products are as follows :-

Paper overlaid plywood/mdf board
- Floral Designs
- Wood Grain Designs
PVC plywood/mdf board
Polyester plywood/mdf board
Printed plywood/mdf board
Fancy veneered plywood/mdf board
Filmed faced plywood