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Hrstria-Vokia Unias The United States of Hrstrovokia


Area: 78,000 sq km
Capital: Marinth
Major Cities and Towns: Staromivist, Schatorioff, Saschen.
Physical: Mountainous, Vast Forests.
Features: Dessau Forests, Terrask Mountains.
Head of State: President Yath Dagylinsk from 29th May 2003.
Head of Government: Prime Minister Revo Mentivetch from 30th May 2003.
Current Administration: Hrstrian People's Party.
Political System: Emergent democracy.
Civil Rights: Good.
Economy: All-Consuming.
Political Freedoms: Outlawed.

Political Parties: Hrstrian People's Party - Centrist Nationalist; Civic Democratic Party - Right of Centre; Hrstrovokian Green Party - Left Wing. Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist Party's banned.
Treaties, Memberships: The Boardsies Humanitarian Aid Organisation.
Exports: Machinery, Computer Software, Vehicles, Military Hardware, Coal, Iron and Steel, Timber, Agricultural Products.
Currency: Kroner.

Region: The Boardsies.

Borders: KommellianBerg east, Azezilite - North, West, south, Nearahmuh north.
Population: 261,000,000.

Life Expectancy: Men 75, Women 80.
Languages: Hrstrian, Vokian, English (All Official languages - Hrstrovokia is a trilingual state.)
Religions: Roman Catholic (80%) Others (20%).
Literacy: 100%.
GDP: $7,830,000,000,000
National Budget 2003: $3,507,808,680,000.
GDP per Capita: $30,000.

Formation of Hrstria Vokia Unias on 13th May 2003 as a United Socialist State.

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