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Sin and the Destruction of a Family

What destroyed our Family

This is the sad story of the Hagan family and how the lives of Jay and Zoe were torn apart by a parent who turned away from the family and the Lord we worship and found comfort in coworkers and the lies of her own mother. Our mother took us to live away from daddy last year because she fell in love with a 15 year old boy. We went from living in a wonderful new home to living in a small apartment that wasn't our own. We didn't get to see daddy and we weren't able to have a lot of things. We did without while mommy was buying gifts for her boyfriends and sleeping at thier houses on weekends. Daddy prayed and prayed and the Lord brought us home. Mommy never would tell the truth until she was forced too. We thought mommy was walking with Christ again until she turned to alcohol again at her new job back home. She left the arms of Christ and climbed into the arms of a coworker. We are 5 and 2 years old. We deserve a lot better life than we keep getting pulled into by mommy. I can not sleep at night without roaches crawling on me. The bath I use now has no handles and smells very bad. Mommy is gone a lot with her friends. She destroyed our home and is hurting us and daddy by trying to keep us from him. Our daddy took us to do all type of fun things everyday. He took care of us and loves us very much. His life was devoted to us. He never turned to another woman or sin, he turned to us to fullfill his life. We miss our daddy and pray mommy will follow Jesus and not the suggestions of her mother who broke up her own marriage through affairs and substance abuse. Please pray that mommy breaks the cycle of destroyed familes in her family.