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Trivia about Doctor Who


  • Of the 253 episodes of "Doctor Who" that were produced in the 1960s, 108 no longer exist in the BBC Television Archives due to an archive purge in the 1970s. An episode was found at the beginning of this year (Part two of The Daleks’ Master Plan).  The search for remaining episodes continues!

  • The BBC actually owns the copyright to the design of the Police Box used as the design for the TARDIS.
    It was bought from the Metropolitan Police.


  • When the first actor to play the Doctor, William Hartnell came down with multiple sclerosis, it was obvious he would have to leave the show. Rather than cancel the successful series, the writers came up with the Doctor's ability to regenerate into another persona when he is near death, which allows for the smooth transition from one actor to another playing the role.


  • Originally, the Doctor's time machine, the TARDIS, was to have a different appearance in order to blend in wherever and whenever it materializes due to its "chameleon circuit." However, it was decided that this constant changing of a regular prop would be too expensive. So, it was decided that the circuit would be permanently disabled due to the TARDIS' age, thus retaining the appearance of a 1963 Police Callbox.


  • The Daleks were so popular that, in the series' early days, whenever the shows' ratings began to waver, a "Daleks" episode would air (and be promoted as such).


  • The last appearance of the Daleks was in the 1988 episode, "Remembrance of the Daleks."

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