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06 May 2004

Doctor Who Days:

Sunday, 9th May
Renaissance 2004

The event, which is being held at the Crescent Theatre (near Five Ways) between 9am and 6pm, is in aid of the Birmingham Children's' Hospital.
Confirmed guests (subject to availability) are Sophie Aldred, Mark Strickson, and Anneke Wills, plus one or two surprise appearances.
The Crescent Theatre


Saturday 15th May :
The Big Finish cast and crew, including India Fisher,
Terry Molloy and Gary Russell will be appearing at the
Doctor Who Day in Darwen in Lancashire .

Saturday 26th June:
the Doctor Appreciation Society presents
Time Squared
on at the Riverside Studios, London (nearest tube Hammersmith).
Guests include Sylvester McCoy, Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh in Pyramids of Mars) and Scott Fredericks (Day of the Daleks, Image of the Fendahl, Kaldor City, Blake's 7).
Space Rocket site


One-day Doctor Who Conference

A one-day Doctor Who conference organised through the Centre for Screen Studies at the University of Manchester

“Time And Relative Dissertations In Space is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to bring together scholars, students and practitioners with a research interest in Doctor Who.”

Read more about the conference here


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