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                                   My Solve Team Resume 


Leadership skills: I was a monitor when I was in high school. I helped teachers to manage students and their jobs. I was very happy to do those things.

Academic skills: I have graduated from the high school. I like math. They are very interesting, sometimes it is very hard. I also like to use computer. But I am not good at it.

Social skills: I have a lot of friends in China. After I go to Canada, I also make many friends there. Some of them are from the church, the others are from the same college. I value our friendship very much.

Thinking skills: I am not good at playing chess, loving puzzles, riddle or logic. I think they are very boring and have to spend a lot of time on them. I know they can train my thinking skills. But I don't like.

Communication skills: I like to watch western movies. They can train my listening skills. I usually communicate with my Canadian friends. They can help me to improve my English skills. I seldom read English books,newspapers.There are a lot of letters that I cannot understand. Sometimes, I write something in English.

Team fellowship skills: I never join any clubs in China. I only studied everyday. But I usually join every basketball league match. I like to play basketball very much.

Other skills: I can cook sth,such as fired rice,noodels.Because they are very easy to cook.