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Welcome to the land of "Four".
A roundrobin story written by Suzi and Airika.
The story itself is set in Hatsboro, a small fictional western Massachusetts town, and centers around the lives of four friends. Tanner and Pistol have been best friends for years, but an interview for the local music ‘zine, OP Underground, sends their lives spinning out of control as they meet Timmy, Padraic, and an ensuing slew of trouble. Follow our four heroes as they struggle to stay a float in their less than perfect world, where plot twists are always just around the corner, and the unlikely is definitely more than likely.

[*Disclaimer*] All the characters, places, and events in this story are purely fictional, and created from the authors minds. Please do not be an asshole and steal characters, bands, and the like from us. Give credit where credit is due.

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