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Welcome to Feathers and Popcorn! This is currently a new site so i wont have many things up right now, but I will be updating it constantly. I have button quails that you can reserve, so go to the availabe birds/eggs part of the site If you live within about 3hrs of Westbloomfield. Thanks for visiting and please check back soon!:)

If you go to the above website, and click on the "feed an animal in need" button, you are actually helping feed an animal in need. This is totally free for you!!! And it can be done daily! By clicking the button, you get taken to a page of advertising banners. Just by viewing the page, you have helped! Daily counts of the page views are taken, and according to that number the corporations advertising donate food to abused and neglected animals. Also Please clcik on the link below and you can do the same excact thing, but you can save several miles animal habitat, and endangered species at no cost to you. You can click on every one of those links and it will actually show you how much land, etc. you protected!! This can also be done daily and is free!

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