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I am Dulce B. Patapat presently residing at Pililla, Rizal. I was raised by my parents well. My father works abroad while my mother is a plain housewifr. She takes good care of everything we need. For me shes a perfect mother in the whole world. My father works in Saipan since 1991. He already want to take a vacation for good but because he thinks of our own good he cant do it. We may not be rich but I felt so lucky to have them as my parents. I have 2 sisters. My eldest sister is already marrried she finished her degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management.My younger sister is a second year college right now and shes taking up Bachelor of science in Information Management.

I am 20 years old right now but I dont look like one because I am petite. When you first saw me probably your first impression is that I am snobbish and gets easily irritated because I always wear a frawn face but if you will knew me better you'll realize that I'm not what you think of. my friends describe as noisy, naughty and talkative but on top of that I am friendly, kind and fun to be with. I am a shy type of person and I hate it because everybody told me that I will not go far if I didnt overcome my shyness. So to surpassed that I want my friends to be self confident in order for me to develop that characteristics. Also the traits I am looking for a friend are understanding, trustworthy, humble and with sense of humor.

I find myself as a sentimental and emotional person. I treasure all the past memories in my heart. I dont want goodbyes because I felt so depresse whenever one of the persons I valued will passed or go away. Whenever I have problems I want someone to talk to because after sharing it I felt so retrieved and sometimes I want to go to a place where I can think of a solution to my problem like on the seashore, ricefield and mountain.