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Thank you in advance for your time. I am a single mother of two children, who was diagnosed with a disability two years ago. I have been divorced for three years, and since have had to redefine myself to create a better life for my children and myself. I am currently back in college to earn my bachelors degree and struggling to keep my head above water. I am trying to find help. Writing this to ask for help is a very hard thing to do. I have been and still am, trying to work hard to create a new fruitful future for my children and hopefully myself as well. I feel sort of small asking for help, but I know that after I am on my feet, I can give monetarily back to others. Currently I devote my time and efforts to helping others through church and school.

I thank you for your time, and peace be with you. If you would be interested in helping us.

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PO BOX 934 Wilmington, Ohio 45177

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