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DJ Discovery...

We feature DJs who offer entire free mixes you can listen to or download at no cost at all. The DJs here just want to share their music with the world. This site strives to be the best resource for you to find DJs spinning your favorite style of techno!

In this site, we showcase DJs spinning only the best jungle, ragga, hardstep, hardcore, house, trance, trip-hop, electronica, drum 'n bass, dnb, breaks, breakbeat, speedbass, acid, progressive, hard, deep, funky, tribal, tech-house, two-step, dub, psychedelic, euro, happy hardcore, electro, old school, old skool, turntablism, funk, freestyle, euro-dance, illbient, ghettotech, and just plain techno in general. All forms of techno are welcome here.

Some of the DJs we currently have on the site are: DJ Fuzz, eL-t-Mo, Aquasky, DJ Fury, Jungle Brothers, DJ Icey, Huda Hudia, DJ Phyrexia, DJ Rob Roy, DJ Topaz, Miss K, DJ Jeffee, Sharee, DJ Fader, DJ X-celerate, DJ Preecha, DJ Ruffstuff, Dieselboy, DJ Skribble, DJ Fury, etc. That list is just the beginning - more DJs WILL be added! We are constantly searching for more DJs to feature. If you are a DJ wanting to be featured, check the site out. Like we said before, it costs nothing to join!

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This site is absolutely free for both listeners and DJs! The site is non-profit and anyone can input into the website. Guaranteed! All the artists featured on this site are excellent. It is the computer world equivilent of freeware (not shareware :).


Enjoy the site~

- DigitalPimp (sitemaster)