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Where is our freedom?

Hello. How is everyone today? I hope that all are doing quite well. I am not. This is my rant and rave page. I am having trouble trying to discern this whole government thing. What happened to our freedom in this so called wonderful country? How come the so called child protective services are aloud to come into our homes and take our children away. We all know children will do anything to get themselves out of a simple punishment. I have never been one to ridicule a parent for trying to set their child straight on what they did wrong. But when a parent gets into trouble for slapping a child for calling his/her mother a bitch or worse I think that is wrong. Or even better yet when the parent washes their mouth out with soap. The schools consistently tell our children that if your parent hits you or punishes you in ways you think are wrong report them to the authorities. OMG. The country is now run by the children who have no life experiences. All kids do now is backtalk thier parents and treat them as if they have to provide and not to raise them as a responsible adult. So now what. Are the children going to be the ones who decide if we work? Oh boy I have seen this actually happen. A child who doesnt understand that mom and dad have to work to put a roof over their head, food in their mouths, and clothes on their backs will run to the AUTHORITIES and say,"My mom and dad work to much. I never see them at home anymore. They are neglecting me." Oh my word. Now we have a battle. Dad doesnt make much to support them and niether does mom. But the so called AUTHORITIES will make one of them quit to stay home. Then guess what. Now the parents are kicked out of their home because they could not pay their rent. They have no food. The kids are in clothes that dont fit or worse yet torn to rags. And now the AUTHORITIES want to take the kids away because the have no place to live they can afford. Our freedom is gone. And the government has let it happen. Everyone says oh it will get better. But its not. What the fuck is wrong with our country? We let all the descision making go to our kids. Our kids rule this country now. Not the adults. I have gotten into trouble for simply spanking my child for hitting her brother. I have gotten into trouble for locking things away because my little girl likes to steal. OMG what a crime for trying to stop my daughter from stealing. Or better yet I have gotten into some trouble for having sex with my mate because the kids can overhear whats going on in my bedroom when they are supposed to be asleep. What a fucking crime. I remember when I heard my parents. I would say ewe.....thats gross. Then that would be it. And for lying I got my mouth washed out with soap. If I ever talked back to my parents I would get a damb good bitchslap in the face. Oh I learned my lesson the first time. If I got into fights I was told you better come back the winner. If not your in for it. Lets just say if they knew what I was gonna fight about was usually something the other person did to me. I was gonna win that fight. If i got into trouble with my parents I got the ass whipping of my life. And I learned not to do what I did wrong again. And I didnt. Now adays our kids go tell the AUTHORITIES and say my mom beat me when all the got was a simple spanking they so rightfully deserved for stealing, lying, talking back, being a pain in the ass, ect. And now the kids are taken away and the parents are in jail. Hell you cant eve beat the shit out of a burgler in your own home lest you go to jail for assault and battery and then be sued by the burgler or family if he/she threatened your life and you killed them. THis government has go to shit. Yes I am a female who thinks like a man. I hate what has come to this country. I turned out pretty damb good considering my family background. I learned the old school way of life. My grandmother raised me more than anything. I learned values, manners, rules, love, guidance. Then when I look at the country today all I see is disrepect, the value of life is going down, kids having kids, parents dont care. I work at one of the most worst jobs you could ever have. A stupid gas station. The people who come in dont even understand who a cashier is. A person hired by a company to be beat and cussed at by the costomer at all times and never allowed to defend themselves. Lets see. Here is a typlical day at my job. OK a few customers come by drop the money into the drawer and walk away. Never said how much and what pump. Then they yell at me, "HEY WHAT THE FUCK YOU NEVER SET MY PUMP!!!!" OK fine now I know where they are. Then I say over the mic so they can hear me, " Well I didnt know where you were so I waited for you to cuss me out!!!!" Then they say, " YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" Then I say, "THANK YOU I AM PROUD TO BE ONE!!!" Then the office calls up asking if I called someone a bitch. I said no. They called me that because they never told me what pump. They just put the money in the drawere and walked away. OK now I am in trouble. Now understand all I sell is gas and home heating oil. Then there is a self serve car wash next to the station. The cashier is only responsible for the gas station. Then there are vacuums. Then there is a drive through car wash. I am sitting there taking the money for the gas customers. A person comes up saying they lost 75 cent in a vacuum. OH BOY here it comes. They are enraged for losing that much. They are yelling at me to fix it. I tell them there is nothing I can do but give them 75 cents back. Then they are angered even more. The funny thing is they go back using the same vacuum and then come over yelling at me again. Calling me anywhere from a bitch to a cunt. oh I hate that word. I tell them straight out that if they used it the first time it was an accident. But if they go back thinking it is going to work the second time knowing full well it will not work it is their fault and I am not going to give them back another 75 cent. OMG now we have a war. Thank god there is a big thick peice of glass between me and that idiot. Then there are those who think the cashier is responsible for the price of gas. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING I DONT SET THOSE PRICES I ONLY SIT THERE TAKING THE MONEY YOU PAY FOR IT. THE COMPANY SETS THE PRICES AND EVEN COMES OUT TO CHANGE IT. Thank you very much. I dont know how many time I have gotten yelled at for the price of gas. Even then we only make about 5 to 10 cent on what you buy. And even sometimes we lose money. Most people today pay at the pump with a credit card. Guess what when you pay that way we actually lose that 5 to 10 cents of profit we make to the fucking credit card companies. Yell at them for making us lose money. It is a wonder we dont go out of business. And the people of the public. They are so rude and mean. We have to have a smile on us. Then someone gets pissed and starts to yell at us and we just have to take it. We didnt even do anything wrong. And thos who cant read the pumps. OMG we are in for it again. Here comes a guy who is spanish. Is here in this country on a work VISA and cant speak a stitch of english. Here I am cant understand a freaking thing he is saying because all I speak is english. I thought in order for someone to stay in this country they needed to learn english. Hell in this city it is 95% spanish. They end up say this is Lawrence why you not speak spanish. I tell them, "BECAUSE I AM AN AMERICAN!!!" Then they say something to the effect of you need to learn your language.....OMG here I am laughing my fucking ass off. I say to them and what language is that you will understand. German, Swedish, Cherokee Indinan, or African American?!!!" They just look at me then go off all pissed. They actually though I was spanish. Then the office calls asking if I refused someone. I say no. Then tell them that the person walked away because they were pissed off that I did not speak spanish. Well now this is one day and twice I am into trouble. Now here is the kicker. I am taking a home heating oil customer. These people are usually pretty nice. But since I can only do one thing at a time a gas customer gets all bent out of shape. Not think it winter here about 5 feet of snow and its fucking cold. I am doing my best to do this in a hurry. I get the gas customers now yelling at me because the oil order I have to take is taking tooooooo long for them. They are cold. Oh FUCKING BOOHOO ON YOU ASSHOLE. That is what I am thinking not saying. And of course another call from the office asking if I refused another customer. Then the noise. There are the kids with the loud boom boom cars. You know the ones who go riding down the street with that loud ass bass shit on their radios. Well we have a noise ordinance and in order for me to hear the other customers I kindly ask them to turn their radios down. Well of course they dont. Then they get mad cause I wont turn the pump on. HMMM.... I wonder why. I NEED TO FUCKING HEAR EVERYONE ELSE NOT YOUR FUCKING MUSIC!!!!" And do you know what the police say. Oh we cant do anything about them being unruly and loud and mean. Even though I have been assaulted on many occasions when the customer slams the drawer shut on my fucking hand. Then they wonder why I get so pissed off and start yelling over the mic as loud as it will go because they just smashed my hand and they think it is funny. I had one day a guy who tripped on the island and this lady came barreling in and almost hit him. He got up and was pissed she just sat in her car laughing at him. She thought it was funny she almost ran over an american. Yes she was spanish. I have nothing against the spanish people. Some of my friends are. But the majority in this city dont care about no one but themselves. And even then. I could go on telling horror stories about this place. But I think it would bore you. My rant is about how the government not taking action to keeping this country free. Instead they let it go to hell. Then our so called protectors called the police wont help out when needed. And the so called AUTHORITIES are not helping the children who really needed the help. Oh yeah that is one thing I hate. The children who are getting actually abused dont receive the help but those who get punished for their wrongdoings get away with it and make their parents pay for it. I was one of those children in an abusive family. Never once did I recieve any help. But my children I swore would never live that kind of life are taken very well care of get to abuse the AUTHORITY system. And the police. OMG I live in a three family house. I live on the second floor. My landlord would complain during the day about the kids simply playing. Ok fine. I try my dambest to keep them from playing. No they are not running around or jumping but just playing. We could be chopping veggies for supper and she would complain. Shit We cant live. Now there are the upstairs people. Well my landlord stopped complaining when she found out there was really nothing she could do about daytime activities. But the people upstairs will all night long pay their loud ass BOOM BOOM music and stmp all over the place. Now this is a dutch flat up there. They have a rotwhiler and a pit bull that run all over the place. And they let it happen. We have asked numerous times for them to keep it down because we have three kids asleep having to go to school the very next day. This guy has a studio above my son and daughters bedroom. And he doesnt even care if it will wake them up. Now I am not sure if it is him or her. But when we ask them to turn it down it goes up higher. We called the cops finally fed up with the shit. The cops say there is nothing they can do. Its a civil matter. HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THE CRAP. Dont I have the right to live in peace? I guess not the police have better things to do like eating doughnuts and drinking coffee at dunking donuts. WOOPEE!!! Like I said we now have a country that does nothing but sue people. That is what the cop said we had to do to get them to stop. HAHAHAHAHA. I dont want their stinking money I want them to stop. Nobody cares how this country was founded. Or how it was supposed to be. Instead now we have to let our kids be the ones in charge and the government want to piss on us because they can make that big buck on that purty little house they call the white house. Well screw the fucking government. What do I have to do to get them to understand we are now going under juvinile communist rule? Thank you for listening. If you want to email me your concerns and want to rant with me let me know and I will Add yours to mine. Thanks.