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There is a lot more to giving a spanking than one might think. First of all, lets talk about OTK. It is my belief that anytime a spanking can be administered over the knee, it is best. The reason for this is that there is something very "teaching" about being OTK. For one thing, the contact between Spanker and spankee is very important!A spanking should always start out with "the hand" for the same reason. Plus, a hand spanking produces a good warm up. Only the flat, palm of the hand should be used in swift direct smacks on the butt mainly but perhaps including the back of the thighs. Building up from soft to harder smacks is most effective and also, increasing the speed of the hand spanking as it continues, is important, also. A spanking should only last as long or be as hard as the crime calls for. Always follow the saying, "Make the punishment fit the crime. If the behavior was extremely bad or is "repeat behavior," an added spanking tool may be necessary as listed below. When a hand spanking is completed, the Spanker may want to say, "If this happens again, the next time you will also get the 'belt', etc.

Some spanking tools require leverage. For instance, when using a strap, yard stick, etc., it may be easier to have the spankee bent over the arm of a couch or chair. However, then you run into the problem of containing the spankee when the swats start to really sting.

Another thing to consider is the age of the child. Never, just give a swinging, whack to a small child when they are standing as they could go flying and hit their head. Also, their backs are fragile and you could cause severe damage. Always keep in mind that a spanking is for teaching and not for physically hurting the child....except for a sore, stinging bottom!

There is a lot of controversay over whether a spanking should be given on the bare bottom. This is something that must be agreed upon between the two parents involved. It is my belief that when at all possible, a spanking should always be done on the bare. However, when children hit puberty, this may be more humiliating than is necessary and may cause resentment that is beyond the learning objective. Also, there is the consideration with girls that it may be a bad time of the month. In the case of wives being spanked, absolutely, the panties should come down!

Some people believe that corner time is also an essential part of receiving a spanking. If corner time is used, it should be with the pants down if the spanking was on the bare bottom or pants up if not. Remember, 10 minutes, standing in a corner is like and hour in real time. Never make a child or adult stand in a corner longer than 15 minutes. The reason for corner time is so that the Spanker can view the spanked bottom which also adds humiliation to the disciplined person. If others present are allowed to view the spanked bottom also, it is best to keep the standing time very short.

A spanking is a very humiliating discipline. But it is short and to the point and far better than being put on restriction for month. However, once a spanking is over, it should be OVER. Never throw it back up to the spankee ever again. Do not "remind" the person at breakfast that they better behave or get spanked again like they did last night, etc.

A few last notes: Never threaten spankings and not follow through. If you say you will, then DO IT. Also, never give a spanking out of anger or while angry. It is better to send a child to their room being told they are going to receive a spanking and let yourself cool down. A spanking should always be from a controlled, calm, parent, guardian, etc. Never spank in front of others unless the others were involved with the crime committed.


Suggested SPANKING Tools

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