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Explanation Of Ratings System

Here in Championship Wrestling Inc, we thrive on bringing you the best in quality leadership. We therefore expect to recieve the best in quality roleplaying. Our weekly event, CWInc Driven, airs on Channel 5 and Fox Sports, and we recieve a few moments after the event goes off air, the exclusive Rating for that show.


To work out the rating off a show, we take into account the number of superstars booked, and the number of roleplays allowed. Therefore, if twenty superstars are booked, each allowed two roleplays, we say our expected rating takes into accouunt that all superstars booked do one roleplay and half of all superstars booked do two roleplays, this would make thirty roleplays. So this would equal a 3.0 rating.

16 Superstars Booked
16 Roleplay Once
8 Roleplay Twice
24 Roleplays Expected
2.4 Rating Expected