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TIMES SQUARE, NYC., July 24, 2003 Championship Wrestling Incorporated officially announced earlier today the name of it's first Pay-Per-View event. CWInc. Co-Owner David Flair delievered personally a press release stating the name of the PPV will be called Zero Tolerance, and will air live from Oakland, California, in the Network Associates Coliseum. CWInc. expect a sell out event, with 63,000 seats to go on sale next Friday, the 1st of August.

David Flair also stated that the Pay-Per-View extravaganza will air on Sky Box Office in the United Kingdom, at 1am for the basic price of 14.00. David Flair also said that Zero Tolerance will air in the USA on Pay-Per-View for $24.99 and in Canada for $34.99. The Co-Owner also announced that the show will have a time slot of 3 and a half hours, which they plan on using to the best effect.

Championship Wrestling Incorporated also confirmed the way the CWInc World Heavyweight Title Belt will be decided. David Flair stated that in deed at the end of the first three CWInc Driven shows, a wrestler of the night will be announced, and they will be in the Main Event at Zero Tolerance for the Heavyweight Strap. David Flair confirmed that Kane is the first wrestler in that main event.

Finally, David Flair announced that Paul Heyman has been relieved of his duties as Cheif Of Staff, and will now only fill a management role if required.