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July 28th, 2003 | Georgia Dome
Show Rating: 1.2

The Driven Video airs, as Ill Nino's "What Comes Around", the Official Driven Theme, plays. Suddenly, the scene cuts to ringside, where pyrotechnics go off from the ramp, and around the Driven Tire on the titantron. The lights come on and the camera pans the several thousand in attendance for Championship Wrestling Incorporated's second live event. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler are seen sitting at ringside, introducing the show for Channel 5, for viewers in the UK, and for Fox Sports for the American fans. Suddenly, the lights dim, and a crackling noise is heard.

A thumping sound is heard as the ECW logo appears on the titantron! The crowd go wild, as a loud rock noise hit's the PA system, and Rhyno walks out to the stage, followed by Raven, Taz, Justin Credible, the Dudley Boyz and Shane Douglas! The crowd go crazy as they stand on the stage, looking out at the fans. A ECW Chant starts as they walk down the ramp, heading towards the Squared Circle. Rhyno gets into the ring, as the rest of the group stand around the ring. A stage hand hands Rhyno a microphone, as the chant of ECW dies down as the fans in Atlanta wait anxiously to hear what Rhyno has to say.

' THE MAN BEAST ' Rhyno : "It's Time! Nobody will stop us... Nobody will EVER be us... You are looking at Team ECW back once again, and this time to cause havoc in Championship Wrestling! Tonight, marks the beginning of a new era in sports entertainment... Except this is not for your entertainment... This is pure.. brutal.. CARNAGE!"

The rest of Team ECW at ringside nod their head as Rhyno looks out into the crowd who are cheering for this heel stable.

' THE MAN BEAST ' Rhyno : "We don't care about anyone or anything. The ring announcer does not matter to us. The FANS do not matter to us..."

A few boo's break out from the fans here in Atlanta, GA.

' THE MAN BEAST ' Rhyno : "... Everyone in that locker room does not matter to us! We are here to make a statement, and that is... Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! Everyone in this group has a match tonight, excluding Justin... So, we are officially starting our reign of CWInc, and to anyone in the back, if you want to stop this... TRY ME!"

The rest of Team ECW walk around the ring and stand at the bottom of the ramp, looking up at the stage, awaiting for someone to come out, but not expecting anyone. Rhyno stands on the bottom rope and looks up at the stage as the crowd give a mixed reaction towards the group. Suddenly, 'What Does Everybody Want?!', and Al Snow pops out of the stage as the pyro's shoot up and his music plays. The crowd go wild, as Al Snow marks his debut here on Driven. Al Snow stands on the stage with Head in his hand and Hardcore Holly right behind him, and looks down at the superstars near the ring, before taking a mic which was tucked in his trousers out, and putting it to his mouth. Team ECW look surprised that someone has come out.

' EM PLEH ' Al Snow : "Tonight maybe the night of Team ECW, but it is also, and more importantly, the DEBUT of Al Snow! All you kids down at ringside... Yeah KIDS... Can get on your knee's and kiss CWInc's ass! Because I am not speaking only for myself, but for everyone in the back... TEAM ECW SUCKS!"

Rhyno is furious as he walks back into the center of the ring, before moving towards the ropes again and putting the mic to his mouth. But before he can speak, Al cuts him off.

' EM PLEH ' Al Snow : "Wo wo wo Rhyno. Before you speak, i've got to tell you.... Your breath stinks! We can smell it from the back. No wonder they call you Rhyno... You certainly got the breath of a Rhyno."

Rhyno this time drops the mic and goes to get out of the ring, but Team ECW get up on the apron and stop him from going for Al. Snow walks to the top of the ramp.

' EM PLEH ' Al Snow : "I have yet to have a match here on Driven, and next week my schedule is free. So Rhyno, i am challenging YOU, not any of your bitches, but YOU to a match next week...."

Rhyno picks up the mic and puts it to his mouth.

' THE MAN BEAST ' Rhyno : "Why don't you bring your punkass down here right now Snow, because Team ECW feel's like taking it's first victim!"

Taz is seen smiling, but Al shakes his head.

' EM PLEH ' Al Snow : "What? You think i am stupid? I may look like a 10 year old kid, but i am certainly smarter than one, and Rhyno... Your brain is no bigger than a Brontosauras. Next week, on Driven... Me and You Rhyno... ECW Rules Match!"

Rhyno is angry as Al's music hits, and Al laughs as he takes a few steps backwards towards the curtain, not taking his eyes off Rhyno. The scene cuts to the ring, where Rhyno is livid, and as Justin Roberts, the CWInc Ring Announcer, gets into the ring, Rhyno stalks him... GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhyno lets out his frustration on the poor ring announcer, as the rest of Team ECW get in the ring and raise each others arms, signaling a new era in sports entertainment.


Triple Threat Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

We see Bret Hart and Kurt Angle start things off as Chris Jericho has yet to arrive in the ring. Hart launches himself towards Angle and starts hammering away on Kurt. Kurt manages to roll out of Hart's grasp and makes his way to his feet. Hart bolts towards Angle once again and starts hammering away on him once again! Hart isn't stopping the offensive trategy and isn't letting Angle even think about what to do! Kurt's just trying to break away and think about his game plan. After awhile Kurt attempts to fight back with a few right hands of his own but Hart doesn't let him. Kurt breaks away again and Hart goes after him for the third time! Wait! Before Hart can even do anything Kurt catches him while he's running and connects with a huge Belly-to-belly! Finally, seems as though Kurt has turned things around for now.

Kurt walks over and grabs Hart from behind as Hart stands up. Kurt is wasting no time and wants to finish things off early. The match hasn't even officially started yet! Kurt lifts Hart up and connects with a German Suplex...and another...Angle is going for the third but Hart hooks Kurt's leg with his own. Hart gives a few elbows trying to break Kurt's hold but Kurt uses all his might and connects with the third German before Hart can break. Kurt makes the cover but the ref reminds him that Chris Jericho is yet to arrive and the bell has yet to ring. Kurt is furious! But Kurt decides to take advantage and really give it to Hart and makes sure he doesn't pose a threat when Jericho does arrive. Kurt is seen walking out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. Back in the ring Hart is getting to his feet. Kurt slides back in and dives towards Hart. Hart somehow manages to duck the chairshot! Kurt gets back up and Hart connects with a dropkick to the chair!

Hart make shis way to the top rope! He taunts the crowd and taps his elbow. TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP BY BRET HART! Bret Hart connects! As Bret Hart is taunting the crowd we see Chris Jericho from out of nowhere climb the apron. As Hart turns around Jericho connects with a missile dropkick! The ref signals for the bell and the match officially begins! Jericho makes hte cover on Bret Hart! One...two...kick out by Hart! Jericho gets up and grabs Hart by the hair. Jericho connects with a snap suplex and goes for another cover. One...two...kick out. Jericho is starting to get frustrated and grabs Hart once again by the hair...LOW BLOW! THE REF NEVER SAW IT! Jericho goes down as Hart slowly gets up to his feet. He walks over to Jericho and starts stomping away on Jericho. Hart picks up Jericho, scoops him up, and slams him back down. Hart taunts the crowd and taps his elbow once again as the crowd goes crazy. Hart starts making his way to the top rope.

Hart is seen taunting the crowd once again. TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP TO CHRIS JERICHO! The crowd lvoes it. Before Hart can go for a cover we see Angle assault Hart! Kurt Angle is now back in the game! Both men exchanging lefts and rights. Angle ducks a right hand and lifts Hart up into the air. ANGLE SL...NO! BRET HART LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND ANGLE! Bret Hart lands behind Angle and takes advantage of this position. ANGLE SLAM BY BRET HART! A PAGE OUT OF KURT ANGLE'S BOOK!

What the hell is this! From out of nowhere The Undertaker is seen sliding into the ring and taking Hart out with a huge boot to the face! Jericho gets back up and stumbles a bit. As he turns around he walks right into Taker's hand! With his hand wrapped around his neck Taker lifts Jericho up...CHOKESLAM! Jericho is out! Taker walks over and grabs Kurt Angle...he picks him up and taunts the crowd...LAST RIDE! LAST RIDE GOD DAMN IT! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner: No Contest


Captain Fall Tornado Tag:
Rhyno & Raven & Taz vs. John Cena & The Rock & Kane

“ITS ABOUT TO GET EXTREEMMMMMEEE!!!!!” Hit’s the P.A. system as Taz, Rhyno, and Raven come out. They come out doing there original taunts in there attire, and they then all get off the rampway and slide into the ring. They then all stands onto the ropes and cross there hand’s as they then step down and stand in the middle of the ring. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLL” Hit’s the Speakers loud and clear as the Great One comes marching down to the stage, They think he is about to get into the ring but then he steps back a little bit as he stands on the stage. “WORD LIFE” now plays through the system as John Cena makes his way out in his usual hat and Jersey, as he then walks down the entrence way throwing up his word life sign. Finally “BURN” hits the P.A. system and Kane along with Paul Bearer comes down to the ring, Kan! e then stands along with Rock and Cena as they all run and slide into the ring, Tazz and Raven start hammering away on Kane and Cena, But Rock get’s up really quick and starts hammering away on Rhino, he knocks Rhino down, but then as Rhyno comes back to his feet really quick he gets kneed in the mid-section, and then Rhino hits a Snap Suplex on him. Rhino and Taz then start double teaming Kane, but they go to double closeline him and he reverses it and closelines both of them. Cena and Raven have already made it to the outside, as Cena is getting thrown into the ring apron. Raven then starts to hit him with punch after punch, but finally Rock jumps off the apron and hits Raven with an ax-handle smash to take him down. Kane then looks just about ready inside to chokeslam Taz, but he gets kicked in his leg, and then gets hit with a belly to belly from Tazz. Kane then rolls out of the ring as Taz follows him, But Paul tries to hit Taz! , and in exchange gets a right hand that sends Paul flying a few feet. Taz then goes to smash Kane’s head into the announce table, But Kane stops it with his hand’s and send’s Taz flying over the announce table into chair’s. Rock and Raven are now in the ring, as Raven goes for an even flow but gets picked up for a spinebuster! Rock then runs and hits him with the peoples elbow, as both Rhino and Tazz are down, The referee then counts to three and Raven is eliminated.


Rock then goes outside to manhandle Rhino along with Cena, but he then runs at Rhyno and gets sent over the guardrail into the fans. Kane then grab’s Tazz and brings him into the ring, as Tazz tries to punch Kane but Kane blocks his hand and throws him up in the air only to drop him on his back. Kane then goes for a Closeline off the the top rope but Tazz moves and bring’s Kane outside. As soon as he does Cena and Rhino go inside as Rock is still layed out, and Cena throws Rhino into the rope’s, and as Rhino comes back though he hits him with a humongous gore. Rhino then covers him as the referee then counts to three and Cena is Elimianted.


Rock tries to regain conciousness on the outside as he climbs over the barricade, and goes to closeline Tazz, but instead hits Kane and sends Kane flying on his back side. Tazz then sneaks up behind Rock and throws him inside the ring, as Both Rhino and Tazz start to do a number on him. He then gets floored with a gore by Rhino, but Tazz then picks him up and throws him in a tazzmission. Rock then starts tapping as Rock then is now eliminated


It is now a 2 on 1 match, with Kane facing Rhino and Tazz, They try to get the upperhand on him, but he just shakes it off and gets off the mat. He grabs Rhino’s foot and sends Rhino flying halfway across the ring, as he then throw’s Tazz into the ropes and hits him with a humongous closeline. He then gets onto the ropes once again as he looks like he is fixing to go for a closeline, and he connects on both Rhino and Tazz who are right beside each other! He then picks them both up by there throat and lifts them high up in the air as they both come crashing down. Kane then pin’s Tazz, and the referee counts to three.


Finally it is down to Rhino and Kane, but Rhino is then distracted as he sees Tazz leaving, thinking Tazz is walking out because he was down when Kane got the cover on him. Tazz quickly then tells him to look behind him, but it is too late as Kane then throws him into the ropes, and as he comes back he gets hit with a humongous boot. Kane then smiles as he picks him up, puts Rhino’s head in the middle of his leg’s, and drops down for the tombstone. Kane then smiles as he does the darkside cover and picks up the victory for his team.


Winners: Cena, Rock, Kane

The scene opens up in the backstage area, where Sable is seen standing there looking down the hall. Batista is seen behind her, getting a drink from the coffee machine. The camera pans out and a stage hand is seen walking past. The stage hand looks at Sable and checks her out, before carrying on slowly down the hall. Sable has a disgusted look on her face, but then smiles and turns around to Batista.

' THE BLACK CAT ' Sable : "Batista hunny..."

Sable whispers in Batista's ear and then points at the stage hand who checked out Sable.

' THE BLACK CAT ' Sable : "Deal with him..."

Batista looks furious as he runs down the hall and nails the stage hand in the back with a huge clothesline. Batista lifts him up by the neck and throws him into a wall, before kicking him in the gut, and getting a steel chair. Batista cracks the chair across the head of Batista, as Sable watches on from in the distance. Batista picks up the stage hand in a Powerbomb position... WHAM! Powerbomb through two crates. Batista looks down at the stage hand who is out cold, and busted wide open. Sable is seen approaching Batista.

' THE BLACK CAT ' Sable : "Come on Batista... Our match is next."

Batista and Sable walk away from the carnage and begin to head down the tunnel leading towards the stage area. The crowd are in shock and awe at what Batista just did, as a small chant of "Holy Shit" is heard.


X-Division Championship:
6-Man All Out Brawl Participants:
Chris Cage, Shane Douglas, Randy Orton, Batista, RVD, Chris Benoit

The match starts off face paced with Cage battling Orton, Douglas going at it with Benoit, and Batista taking it to RVD. All six men are extremely fired up and are all willing to go to their limits to bring home the gold. But who will it be? So far everyone has been giving it their certain wrestler is doing better than the other. It's really anybody's game right now.

Randy Orton is really taking it to Chris Cage. Orton with a few right hands and then with a hard elbow to the jaw. Cage stumbles but comes right back at Orton with a flying forearm knocking Orton down. Cage gets on top of Orton and starts hammering away on the 'future' known as Randy Orton.

Meanwhile, Batista has just rammed Rob Van Dam right into the barricade! What a monster. Batista picks up RVD and walks over to the steel steps. SPINEBUSTER RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! By God! The match has barely started and Van Dam seems to have been broken in half!

Back in the ring, SUPERPLEX CONNECTED ON SHANE DOUGLAS! Chris Benoit just connected with a huge superplex on Shane Douglas. And he's going for the pin! One...two...Cage breaks the count! From out of nowhere Chris Cage made the save. From behind Orton makes a rollup on Cage! One...two...Benoit makes the save this time! Cage gets up furous and starts hammering away on Orton once again as Benoit goes to work on Douglas who is back up. Benoit clotheslines Douglas out of the ring and follows him to the outside.

Meanwhile Van Dam seems to still have fight left in him as he rolls into the ring trying to catch a breath. But Batista is right behind him. Van Dam thinks on his feet and leaps to the top rope. Batista slides into the ring and is caught by surprise when RVD launches himself off the top rope and connects with a stiff kick to the chest of Batista! Batista goes down and we see Van Dam climb the top rope. Rob Van Dam taunts the crowd and prepares to deliver the five star frogsplash but from out of nowhere we see Benoit on the apron. Benoit leaps up top along with Van Dam and the two dive off with RVD crashing down with the Crossface locked in! BENOIT LOCKS THE CROSSFACE FROM THE TOP ROPE! What a move! Benoit applies pressure!

Back outside of the ring we have Chris Cage, Randy Orton, and Shane Douglas. All three battling it out. Suddenly the three go out into the crowd! The fans are all around them cheering and booing at the same time. The three go all the way into the backstage area and start a huge brawl there. Randy orton grabs a lead pipe and bashes Douglas in between the eyes. Before he can do the same Cage, it gets knocked out of his hand. The brawl continues with an extremely heated rivalry between Cage and Orton!

Back in the ring Van Dam is about to tap out. Batista breaks the hold with a standing elbow drop! Batista lets out a large roar that shakes the ring. He grabs Benoit and starts tossing him around the entire ring like he was a ragdoll! What a monster! At one point Batista grabs Benoit with one hand by the neck and tosses him over the top rope with ease!

So now it seems it's down to only Dave Batista and Rob Van Dam who is already up. Batista turns around and walks right into a a combo move from RVD. Lefts, rights, kicks, RVD is using every body part as a weapon...and it seems to be slowling Batista down! RVD finishes the combo with a spinning wheel kick knocking Batista down! Van Dam whips himself to the ropes and as he comes back ROLLING THUNDER! And the cover...Batista powers out before the two count! Batista gets back up and so does Van Dam.

Batista wastes no time and grabs RVD. Kick to the gut from Batista. Batista sets RVD up. SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Batista has destroyed RVD. Instead of going for a pin Batista bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop. Batista goes for another but wait! Benoit pulls down the top rope and Batista falls out of the ring! Benoit acts quick and climbs the turnbuckle. DIVING HEADBUTT! Benoit makes the cover! One...two...Batista hits the ring but Benoit gets the three count! Batista was so close!

Winner: And First Ever X-Division Champion....Chris Benoit

Batista is extremely pissed off! Before Benoit can even receive his belt Batista assaults him! Benoit can't escape this time! Batista has busted Benoit open with his bare hands! No...don't do it! SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! What the hell is wrong with Batista. Just then...the titantron flickers and we see David Flair on the screen.

' unexpected co-owner ' David Flair : "BATISTA YOU LISTEN TO ME GOD DAMN IT!"

Batista stops and looks at the titantron with nothing but rage on his face.

' unexpected co-owner ' David Flair : "I just wanted to say...AWESOME JOB! may not have won the gold tonight. But you proved that right now you are the one man who has the power...and the match up to another individual. That's why, I am booking you in a match against that other individual. His name...Kane! And guess what...this match is happening at the first ever pay per view...ZERO TOLERANCE!"

Suddenly Batista's face is speechless as Sable slides into the ring and embraces him.

' unexpected co-owner ' David Flair : "That's're getting that title shot too my friend! Do the name of David proud!"

Batista is in the ring and still can't believe what he's heard! He now has a world title shot!

Tag Team Championship:
Table Match
The Impact Playaz vs. The Dudley Boyz

As Driven returns to ringside, the fans in the arena are shown as the camera pans them. Several signs are shown, when suddenly the camera focuses in on the staging area, "Sexy Boy" plays as the crowd goes wild waiting for HBK to come out but then the music stops and we hear Triple H begins to speak. "That's not how we do it Shawn." HBK answer "Hunter then how do we do it. Wait I know how we do it". "Are You Ready!" Then there is a short pause as confusion fills the arena until a loud yelling of the words "De-Generation-X" is heard as the music comes on and the crowd goes nuts. HBK comes out with his DX gear on and Triple H comes out also with his DX gear on. They come down to the ring and HBK hops through the ropes throwing his hands in the air and spinning in circles. When he reaches the middle of the ring he leans to the right and flexes his musles and behind him is Triple H throwing his arms up into the air as he leans backwards seemingly roaring at the crowd, when Green Pyro's go off behind them. As HHH and HBK stand in the ring, the fireworks from above come crashing down and hit the stage, causing huge explosions on the stage. "Bombshell" hit's the PA system, and Bubba Ray and D'Von Dudley make their way out to the stage. Bubba raises his arms, as D'Von spins around with his arms all over the place. Both men begin to walk down the ramp, talking to each other on the way down. HHH and HBK stand in the ring staring out at them.

D'Von and Bubba run and slide into the ring, allowing "The Game" and Shawn Michaels drop down onto them with some forearms. HBK gives the boots to D'Von, as Bubba gets up and HHH Irish Whips him across the ring. Bubba comes back with a clothesline, followed by another one. Bubba goes to bodycheck Triple H, but gets a knee to the gut, and slammed down to the mat as HHH pulls his head back. HBK picks up D'Von, but begins to get pounded on as D'Von Dudley rallies back. HHH notices this and runs towards the two, catching D'Von in the back with a sharp forearm, and then hitting a back suplex. HBK and HHH begin to stomp on D'Von, as Bubba is seen slowly getting to his feet. Bubba Ray runs towards Triple H and clotheslines him out of the ring, sending both men over the top rope. Back in the ring, Shawn Michaels picks up D'Von, and nails a suplex, before runnning to the ropes, and driving an elbow down. Shawn gets up, and slides out of the ring, and helps HHH get more power as they Irish Whip Bubba into the barricade. The crowd cheer, as D'Von runs towards the ropes, and dropkicks Shawn Michaels to the ground from inside the ring. D'Von gets out of the ring, but gets layed out with a huge punch from HHH. Hunter throws Bubba back into the ring and follows him in. Bubba gets up, and HHH goes to the ropes but misses a clothesline, and gets hit with a Neckbreaker from Bubba.

Michaels gets into the ring, but gets Back Body Dropped by Bubba before getting clotheslined back to the outside of the ring. Bubba lifts up HHH and slams him down, before ascending the turnbuckle. With HHH down, Bubba goes for a Senton Splash, but "The Game" moves out of the way. HBK gets back into the ring and clobbers Bubba in the back of the head, and nails a Reverse DDT, as HHH gets to his feet. HBK and HHH nail a double suplex onto Bubba, before both driving an elbow down onto the sturnem of Bubba. HHH signals to HBK, and Shawn slides out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron, but D'Von Dudley runs towards him and clotheslines him down. D'Von picks up HBK and Irish Whips him into the steel steps. Hunter is anware of what just happened to his partner, as D'Von sneaks into the ring. HHH picks up Bubba, and runs to the ropes, but as he comes back D'Von and Bubba nail a Flapjack. Bubba points to the top rope, as he lifts up HHH and slams him down, as D'Von begins to climb the top rope. The crowd cheer as Bubba lifts up HHH's legs, and shouts Wasssaaaahhh! D'Von shouts it out, and jumps off the rope, driving his head into the groin of Hunter. As "The Game" rolls around in agony, D'Von spins around with his hand doing his taunt. Bubba pushes his brother and shouts... "D'VON! GET THE TABLES!".

The crowd go crazy as D'Von slides out of the ring, and goes to look for a table, but as he pulls one out along the ground, HBK suddenly appears and hits the Sweet Chin Music! Back in the ring, HHH low blows Bubba, and hits a Spinebuster. Triple H throws Bubba into the corner, and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. HBK slides the table into the ring, and HHH sets it up by the corner. Hunter carefully stands on the table, and to the amazement of everyone in the arena, he sets Bubba up for the Pedigree! The crowd go wild, as Hunter hooks Bubba's arms, and jumps off the table, and drives Bubba's lifeless body through the wood! The crowd go wild as the referee calls for the bell, and HBK and HHH celebrate. The ref takes the tag title belts and hands it to the Impact Playaz, as they go hold them up.

Winner: And First Ever Tag Team Champions....Impact Playaz


Main Event:
Bill Goldberg vs. The Hurricane

The Hurricane walks out to the stage and does his taunt, before standing up straight with his arms on his hips. The crowd cheer and wave their homemade Superhero signs, as The Hurricane makes his way down the ramp. Goldberg gets out of the ring and runs toward Hurricane, but the superhero ducks a clothesline, and begins to lay some punches into his opponent. Goldberg is barely effected and delivers a knee to the gut of Hurricane, before throwing him into the ring. Goldberg gets up onto the ring apron, but Hurricane dropkicks his knee, causing Goldberg to hang himself on the top rope, and fall on his feet on the outside. Hurricane runs to the far side and comes off the ropes, heading across the ring. Hurricane launches himself over the top rope, but Goldberg catches him and drives his back into the ring post. Goldberg lifts Hurricane above his head in a military press position, but as he goes to drop him on the barricade, Hurricane lands on his feet, and hits a dropkick, knocking Goldberg into the ring apron. Hurricane gets up and rolls Goldberg into the ring, and follows him. Hurricane kicks Goldberg in the gut, before going for a suplex, but can't lift Da Man, and the Superhero gets nailed with a suplex. Goldberg gets up and waits for Hurricane to stand up, before hitting a shoulder block in the corner on his opponent. Goldberg nails two more, before walking back into the center of the ring. Goldberg goes for another shoulder block, but this time Hurricane jumps out of the ring, and onto the ring apron, and Goldberg's shoulder crashes into the steel turnbuckle. As Goldberg stumbles out of the corner, Hurricane jumps off the ropes and hits a Hurricanrana. Goldberg gets up and as Hurricane runs towards him, Goldberg nearly dismembers his opponents head from his body with a huge clothesline.

Goldberg gets up and picks up his opponent, and throws him across the ring. Goldberg picks him up again, and delivers a backbreaker to Hurricane, before throwing him over his head with ease. Goldberg, taunts the crowd and turns around and goes for the Spear on Hurricane, but the superhero ducks, and his foe crashes into the ropes, getting tangled up before falling to the outside. Hurricane and Goldberg slowly get up, and Hurricane nails a dropkick through the ropes, knocking Goldberg down. Hurricane gets out of the ring and goes to throw Goldberg into the ring, but gets reversed and Goldberg flips Hurricane over and throws him into the ropes, sending Hurricane bouncing off the ropes and almost landing on his head on the floor. Goldberg picks up Hurricane, and goes for a Military Press again, and this time throws Hurricane back into the ring. The Superhero gets up, and as Goldberg steps into the ring, Hurricane comes back and nails the Shining Wizard, knocking Goldberg down. Hurricane covers Goldberg... 1..2. Goldberg kicks out as the ref's hand hits for the second time.

Hurricane nails some punches on Goldberg knocking him into the ropes, and then goes for an Irish Whip, but gets reversed. Hurricane comes off the ropes with a clothesline, but Goldberg doesn't budge. Hurricane runs to the ropes again and goes for another clothesline, but it still doesn't budge Goldberg. Hurricane goes to the ropes again, but this time dropkicks Goldbergs knee, sending Goldberg to one knee. As Goldberg rises, Hurricane goes to the ropes and this time hits a Flying Clothesline, knocking Goldberg down. The crowd are going wild, as Hurricane hits a Savat Kick, knocking Goldberg into the corner. Hurricane gets onto the second rope, and begins to punch away on Goldberg. The crowd count along, but the Superhero only manages to get to 6, when Goldberg walks out of the corner, with Hurricane in his arms, and slams him down with a huge Spinebuster!

Goldberg covers Hurricane. 1..2... Hurricane manages to get his shoulder up, to a small pop from the crowd. Goldberg picks up Hurricane, and lifts him up by the throat, but Hurricane dropkicks Goldberg as he is lifted. Hurricane runs towards Goldberg and ducks a clothesline, and manages to get up and hit a neckbreaker on his evil villain. Hurricane waits for Goldberg to get to his knee's, before jumping on his back and locking in a Sleeper Hold. Hurricane applies as much pressure as he can with the Sleeper hold, as Goldberg goes to get to his feet, but the pressure causes him to go down to one knee again. Goldberg tries again to get up, but Hurricane keeps applying more and more pressure. Goldberg gets up slowly and then runs backwards towards the turnbuckle, but instead of driving Hurricane into the turnbuckle, Hurricane manages to use it to his advantage and flips himself over Goldberg, whilst still holding his neck, and driving him face first into the canvas with a Unique Neckbreaker type move. Hurricane quickly covers Goldberg. Kick out at 2!

Goldberg manages to get his shoulder up, with some of the crowd believing Hurricane had it won there. Hurricane lifts up Goldberg and Irish Whips him to the ropes and follows up with a huge Back Body Drop, making the ring shake. Goldberg gets up slowly and gets dropkicked in the side of the head by Hurricane, knocking Goldberg to the outside. Hurricane gets out of the ring, and begins to lay some forearms into the back of Goldberg. Hurricane goes to Irish Whip Goldberg into the steel steps, but gets reversed and Goldberg sends his opponent crashing into the steps. The crowd begin a chant of Holy Shit as the referee jumps out of the ring to check on Hurricane. Goldberg takes this time to recover as Hurricane has taken him to the limit. Goldberg walks over to Hurricane and picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Goldberg follows in and as Hurricane gets up using the turnbuckle, Goldberg gets ready to Spear him. The crowd rise to their feet, with cameras ready, as Hurricane turns around. Goldberg runs towards Hurricane.... SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Goldberg takes Hurricane down hard! Goldberg makes the cover! 1...2...3! Goldberg does it. The Hurricane is out!

Winner: Bill Goldberg