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Tips before getting started....

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1) Be persistent in your efforts. Applying for a free vehicle or to be paid for driving one is just like applying for a job. If you haven't heard back regarding an application you sent in, check back with the ad company. Many of the companies will issue you a username and password to keep your application up-to-date on their website.

Be flexible. Some sponsors require you to drive a specific route during your normal daily commute. If you agree to their specific requests, your chances of being selected are better.

2) Increase your chances of being selected by giving specifics. If you live near a busy road, commute through a busy area, or park in a highly visible parking lot, put this information on your application.

3) Always act professional when contacting potential sponsors. Professional communication will give you an edge over other applicants. Remember to treat this as applying for a job.

4) Typically, the more miles you drive an ad-wrapped car monthly, the more you will be paid. To be paid the maximum amount, most advertisers want people to drive 800-1,200 miles per month. They will check the mileage on the odometer to confirm you have done so. Also note that if you are paid extra to drive specific routes, the ad company may place a GPS (Global Postioning System) in your car in order to make sure you are driving the correct routes.

5) Be sure to fill out the applications completely. Leaving any fields blank will hurt your chances.




Car Directory:


Free Car Homepage   |  Signup Form
Offers a new ad sponsored vehicle for two years, or you can have your own vehicle wrapped in an ad to earn up to $400/month.

Autowraps HomepageSignup Form
US Drivers only. If you are selected from their database by an advertiser, you can earn $100-$3200 per month. People are selected based on location, age, sex, car type, etc. 


I Drive Ads | Signup Form
Applicants become part of a national database of paid driving applicants. This large database in existence. No registration fee applies.


Ad Wraps Homepage  |  Signup Form
Maintain specified mileage requirements and earn up to $400/month. You will remain active in the database for 5 years, but you can cancel after one year.

Autowrapped Homepage  |  Signup Form
Programs pay up to $400/month.

AdvercarZing Homepage  |  Signup Form
Drivers are reimbursed monthly up to $400, for driving their own ad-wrapped cars, depending on mileage.

Ad Smart Homepage  |  Signup Form
Drivers receive use of a VW Beetle or Nissan Xterra, or are paid $350/month for an ad wrap on your own car. A 6-24 month contract is required.

Wrap Your Auto Homepage  |  Signup Form
Earn up to $400/month.

Vehicle Ad Homepage  |  Signup Form
Drivers earn $175-$250/month under a 1-year contract. Open to both U.S. and Canadian drivers.

Talking Wheels Homepage  |  Signup Form
Open to residents of the Phillipines.


Auto Car Wraps Homepage  |  Signup Form
Open to residents of the UK. Drivers are paid up to £200/month to wrap their own car with a 3 year contract. The driver's car must be less than 5 years old.


Get Paid To Drive | Signup Form

Applicants enter themselves into the “Drivertis Matching System,” which links advertisers with prospective drivers. Drivers earn up to $500/month.


VistaMotion (United Kingdom only) | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to £160-£250/month.


Car Wraps (Canada only) | Signup Form
Drivers earn $100-$350/month. All types of vehicles are eligible, including commercial fleets.


Ads To Go (Canada only) | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month.

Ads 2 Go | Signup Form

Drivers earn $50/month for placing a small ad on their car.

Auto Murals
Drivers earn up to $400/month.


Driving Promotions | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $300/month with a fully wrapped vehicle. Advertisement contract lasts from three months to one year.



On The Move Media | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month. Contracts from one month to one year.

Drive A Car 4 Free | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month.