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K   R   I   S   T   O   P   H   E   R

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Dep. of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Arizona



About Myself

I was born and raised in Chicago. Through my adolescence I moved around to places such as Champaign Illinois, Ann Arbor Michigan, Lauderdale Mississippi, and Haarlem in the Netherlands. I settled down in Tucson Arizona in my senior year of high school. I entered the University of Arizona in the Fall of 1996 and After 3 years of moderate success and some failure, i was kicked out of the U of A. I moved to Phoenix and then to Troy, New York to become a Harley-Davidson motorcycle mechanic. After working at Brunswick Harley- Davidson for a year, i moved to Salt Lake City for a month and finally moved back to Tucson. I enrolled at Pima College and after a year the U of A took me back into her loving arms. I am now 1 year away from earning my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My Friends

John LeGrande

My Hobbies

Pima Street Hockey League