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Lesbian Books

Back Cover: While the number of same-sex couples forming lasting partnerships is rapidly increasing in this country, marriage for lesbians and gay men remains illegal. In a friendly and informal tone, Legal Affairs addresses critical concerns facing individuals whose partnership is not protected by the laws of marriage. It covers the social, legal, psychological, and financial aspects of forming or dissolving same-sex partnerships as it encourages couples to design for themselves a balanced and equitable union that will survive the good and bad times.

A unique blend of practical advice, wise counsel, and social history, Legal Affairs presents a variety of legal and financial arrangements that lead to securing and legally binding a relationship. It reviews the commitment process, the details of making written agreements, taxation, and the role of the extended family, and it explains the legal consequences of getting married, if that becomes an option for you. It also offers concrete advice on ending a union that may involve real estate and personal property. Sensitively recognizing  the personal and political dynamics involved in same-sex partnership, this wonderfully comprehensive guide is sure to become a must-have for lesbians and gay men.


Synopsis: The fairy tale, happily-ever-after expectation seems particularly prevalent among lesbians, no matter how brutal reality has proven. Marny Hall, Ph.D., a psychotherapist who works with lesbian couples, presents a reality check in this informative, entertaining guide to relationship struggles. Hall's two decades of counseling experience inform this practical yet reassuring volume, and plenty of anecdotes both from her practice and from her own life make it even more real and accessible. Full of vitally important dating and loving topics, including how to come back to life after a "bruiser breakup," ways to handle jealousy, and ceremony choices, this book will walk the lesbian reader through pitfalls specific to her way of life. Witty and stylish, this volume belongs on the shelf of every lesbian (or gay-friendly) reader looking for a little more smoothness along the path to love.



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