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Gay Books

Back Cover: While the number of same-sex couples forming lasting partnerships is rapidly increasing in this country, marriage for lesbians and gay men remains illegal. In a friendly and informal tone, Legal Affairs addresses critical concerns facing individuals whose partnership is not protected by the laws of marriage. It covers the social, legal, psychological, and financial aspects of forming or dissolving same-sex partnerships as it encourages couples to design for themselves a balanced and equitable union that will survive the good and bad times.

A unique blend of practical advice, wise counsel, and social history, Legal Affairs presents a variety of legal and financial arrangements that lead to securing and legally binding a relationship. It reviews the commitment process, the details of making written agreements, taxation, and the role of the extended family, and it explains the legal consequences of getting married, if that becomes an option for you. It also offers concrete advice on ending a union that may involve real estate and personal property. Sensitively recognizing  the personal and political dynamics involved in same-sex partnership, this wonderfully comprehensive guide is sure to become a must-have for lesbians and gay men.


Written from a gay and lesbian aspect into the practices and rituals and there use by gay practioners.

Back Cover: GAY WITCHCRAFT is a complete manual of Witchcraft for the gay community, revealing a path that is intimately entwined with both the heart and history of gay people. For both the novice and experienced practitioner seeking out new views on myth, ritual, and healing, Christopher Penczak takes you step-by-step through dozens of meditations, rituals, spells, and celebrations, awakening the love of the Goddess and God in you. In many ways, this book could be considered a basic manual for anyone seeking to learn about Wicca, but GAY WITCHCRAFT brings together aspects of both identities in a new alchemy. After trying these meditations and rituals, you may reclaim the title of witch for yourself, or you may simply find Witchcraft a stepping stone for your own path, taking what serves you and building your own tradition.


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