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August 26, 2003 --21:21
lol... im not gonna even bother appologizing.. due to the fact i get like 2 hits a day.. hahahaz... but 3 reasons im not updating: 1) CNE CNE CNE LEZ GO TO DA EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol... itz cool 2)Starcraft Brood War.. realised my friend plays.. im hooked all over again 3)Super Robot Wars Taisen D - cool gundam wanna be game... im sorta hooked.. but its in japanese

August 18, 2003 --23:26
lol.. sorry that i forgot to update.. its really not that worth it since like 1 or 2 ppl visits this.. -.-.. lol.. yeshyesh.. and also my second reason that i did not update is because i became a VBA and SC addict AGAin.. lol.. now im waiting for SC2, My Vice City, and the Flash Memory Card to come.. then id b addicted to these.. hahahahaha.. CNE opens!! lol.. too bad i didnt sign up yet.. my stupid lazinesss --.--.. lol..laaa dee daaa... --.--.. newayz.. nuttin much happens today.. well.. i went bowling.. and a lil kid beated me.. lol.. and the 5 player soccer tournament is coming up!! ^__^.. lol.. ends it here today..
And you learn that love, true love,
Always has joys and sorrow,
Seems ever present,
Yet is never quite the same,
Becoming more than love and less than love,
So difficult to define.
And you learn that through it all,
You really can endure,
That you really are strong,
That you do have value.
signin off... --himothyy

August 15, 2003 --23:26
woww... a blackout that takes out most of the eastern part of north america.. lol.. all thankz to hydro1.. hmmm id call it weird.. but it does prove that canada relies on power from united states.. so if they lose power.. we lose power.. --.--.. ahgg... it was like i went back 200 years where electricity was never invented.. i relied on candles.. well.. i did have like 15 minutes of enjoyment wit my GBA.. lol.. i beated GT racing!!! =D.. lol.. soo proud.. my Nissan Skyline GT-R rocks!! ^___^... ahhhhhh... the part i hate about that game is that u gotta enter password.. and no save game.. i also got legacy of goku 2 to the part where the cell games are about to be held.. and i lost interest in that.. coz i gotta train till level30.. which is gonna b annoying.. soo... yah.. lol... NO AIR CON.. PurEx TORTURE!!!!! and ppl complain being hot wit air con.. WAT BOUT ME?!?!?!??! i have NONE.. ZIPPO.. NADA..!! omg... lol.. --.--...
Signin off -- himothyy

August 13, 2003 --23:54
ahhh i just realised.. a whole day in mon sheong.. will mess up your mind... i was there from morning till night.. setting up for fashon show.. then walk around wit old ppl.. then continue wit fashion show setup.. then dress rehearsal.. dinner.. then dress rehearsal again.. then finally i get to go home... it was ok i guess.. but i knew a lot of stuff that i probably didnt want to know there.. soo.. thats prob part of the reason y im sad.. im sorry friends!!! i prob made sum ppl around me sad/depressed too.. =/.. but this summer has been the worst for mee... soo.. ya.. --_--.. well 1 good thing is that i got a new nic =D.. lol thats prob the only good thing that happened today.. and if i were a food critic.. id rate mon sheong's food a 0.5 out of10.. its tastes HORRIBLE.. its not even funny
Hold me up,hold me tight
Helping me open my mind
Lift me up to touch the sky
See me fly
I'm proud of fly up high
Show you the best of mine '
Til the end of the time
You hold me to the sky
I'm proud of fly up high
Show you the best of mine
The laughing in the sky
signin off --himothyy

August 12, 2003 --13:56
ahhhhh just came bac from comp class.. hahaha im soo skilled!! i made a guessing game wit turing!!! they said it cudnt b done.. but.. GUESS WAT!!! I DID IT!!! =D hahahaha skillZ!!! =).. lolz.. junior camp pics to b up soon.. i gotta recharge my batteries.. arg.. i forgot to bring the charger.. so i only took pics on friday and half of satuday =/.. French class sucked.. we had a test that i didnt study for and it was hardd as heckkk.. no wonder nerds say tests r ez.. coz they STUDY unlike sum ppl who dont.. and COMPLAIN they r so hard itz not even funny.. arg i hate ppl like that.. just coz u dunt study.. doesnt mean the test it hard.. yeesh..

S.E.S is BACK!!!

wonder what is at the end of the far away sea
Its probably far away from being something from this world
Will I be able to see it if I go on top of the clouds?
The children playing the trumpet with the angels
If you listen closely somewhere in a forest
There is a small voice that only I can hear
Shall I fly away like a dream?
The place high away, a world without anyone
Signin off... --himothyy

August 10, 2003 --23:50
FUNKY FISHEZ 0WNZ u!!! =D .. bac from camp!! ahg.. soo many crazy mosquitos.. they love my blood.. 7 bites on my left hand!!!! .. i sorta miss junior camp.. but as usual.. life moves on.. and gives u good memoriez.. heheh.. mann not fair.. samantha knows mel's password.... --_--.. i stil need a new pw prompt/login screen.. hahaha..
SPeCiaL ShouT forMandy&Annie whos at Europe.. and leaving me alone wit the recruits.. =(
hahha thats all for now!! zzZ
Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo' face
You big disgrace
Kickin' your can all over the place

August 7, 2003 --23:30
ok.. scratch the thought of me not updating.. lol.. i will update.. but itz gonna b very very very slowly done =).. if u have no idea on what i plan to update.. id say u r blind.. coz itz written all over my main page.. either that.. or ur a lazee bum.. =D.. lol.. i seriously gotta lock dis page.. so if u didnt go thru the login screen.. u'll automatically go back.. hahaha.. but thats another planning going on.. oi... junior camp coming up tmr.. i wunt b home till sunday afternoon... that sucks.. i cant go to the baseball game wit mel kelvin and samantha =(.. oo well.. i hope i'll have fun at junior camp!! =).. lol.. comp classes started!! my comp teacher says imma nerd!! is that good or bad?? =/.. heheheh.. having a teacher calling u a nerd.. thats bad.. =( newayz..
"If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy.
If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable."
Dale Carnegie
signin off - himothyy

August 6, 2003 --21:30
I realised some thoughts are better left in my head.. so i decide to stop putting anymore personal thoughts in this website... as i mite be offending the person reading it... so... this mite b my last entry in this diary...
The end of this page... but the beginning of another...

August 5, 2003 --22:00
Back from ICE... too tired to say anything or update nething.. =/

August 1, 2003 --17:24
omg.. i hate that place where i go to volunteer... certain ppl in there thinks that just coz im 14.. thinks i cant do the stuff that a 16 yr old can.. omg?!??! .. 2 yrs apart!! and im physically stronger and taller than that 16yr old kid.. I HATE THAT PLACE!!!!! I WISH IT WILL BURN AND THAT 16 YR OLD WILL DIE IN IT!!!!... but thats not gonna happen.. newayz.. had a boring day so far.. i hope the evening will make it better... YAY ICE tomorrow!!! finally i can use the long weekend to get away from that lame volunteer place and computer courses.. =D.. gonna have sum fun wit my st.j frienz!! AND THAT LAME 16 YR OLD ISNT GOING!!! COZ HES TOO FOBBY!!!! lol.. i know fobs that r going.. hes just dumb.. --_--.. heheheh.. says itz not fun.. lol.. hes just scared that he wunt get along since the entire Ontario cadets r going coz his english is pathetically challenged.. lol... changed password for login screen.. if u can read this u got in.. and unless i didnt tell u wat the password is.. heres a comment: u r teh l33t h4x0r!! =D.. coz so far i can only think of 2 ppl that can.. witout me telling them the pw.. --_--..
Look at life as an energy economy game.
Each day, ask yourself, Are my energy expenditures
(actions, reactions, thoughts, and feelings)
productive or nonproductive?
During the course of my day,
have I accumulated more stress or more peace?
- - Doc Childre and Howard Martin
signin off.. --himothyy

July 31, 2003 --22:37
Ahh.... So many events happening these days... Ice'03 , Junior Camp, Bowling, Mel going on vacation, St.John meetingz, Volunteer, Summer Computer course... itz all happening so fast at the same time... Well, I guess my summer is considered busy, compared to other people. Well, I prefer a quiet, peaceful summer instead of all this stress. Hmmm.. its a good thing no one will ever figure out this site... coz if i found out... i'll die.. Well.. hopefully AngelFire never submitted me to search engines!!! =D... hmmm... y am i even worrying... dis is considered a restricted area.. even if someone that i know finds this site... i doubt they can penetrate my login script... well.. i taught a feel people before.. but i doubt they'll come here =)... sigh.. life is screwed... she isnt online.. so.. bored... yet... it seems that my feelings for her keeps dropping whenever i think of her... in my heart i knew she wasnt the one... but i dunt want her to b heartbroken.. i guess i'll just wait love to play it out one day.. and hopefully.. she will understand... =/...
More often than not, you fall in love with a person
you can't really have, while the one who
truly loves you remains either a friend or a stranger...
- - unknown
Signin off...
- - himothyy