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Grailcode.net Author Clinton Ortiz

Cainite.net Author Clinton Ortiz

Author Clinton A. Ortiz is a Bible Prophecy and Occult researcher (author of www.cainite.net) living in Chicago. In 1974, he began to compile research into what ultimately became his website in 1993, identifying and exposing the Masonic agenda that seeks to bring about an Antichrist figure onto the world stage post-2015. As his unprecedented and unmatched body of research grew, Ortiz developed a website on the Maxpages server in 1999, uploading a massive amount of data that became popular among conspiracy theorists around the world. By 2001, because of the sheer amount of information gathered, he moved to Angelfire where his website resides today, revealing the origins of not only the Antichrist, but Clinton has traced most of the modern Royal Families of Europe, to a single ancient progenitor whom Christ Himself called "The Son of the Devil" and a "murderer from the Beginning." From there, connections are made between this Satanic patriarch and Europe's earliest Secret Societies, which held the sinister goals by which they would use to subtly force the world under their rule that eventually brings us all under the control of one man, arising shortly after their 2016-2020 "end world" scenario. Consequently, those currently building the New World Order do so not for themselves, as others have long cited, but they do so for their God, Satan, and the coming Cainite King of whom Satan shall yet possess, to become the Beast. As such, Clinton Ortiz has put forward a vast wealth of information that links his theory, as fact. In his website, you will see unique information about the First Earth Age, Lucifer's original and now sunken Kingdom of Atlantis, the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations, the Mark and lineage of Cain, the so-called Holy Grail Bloodline, King Arthur, Celtic Druidism, the secrets behind rare magical texts and black grimoires, ancient to modern Witchcraft, the Talmud, Kabbalah, and the magickal workings of major Occultists such as Abramelin the Mage, John Dee, Eliphas LÚvi, Aleister Crowley, Franz Bardon, and Jack Parsons. Clinton also goes far in exposing the enigmatic truths locked within sacred geometry, astrology, megalithic structures, the beliefs of the Knights Templar, the Scottish Rite, and British Freemasonry, along with their establishment of the New Atlantis as the United States and European Union, the Hebrew concept of the Jewish "Moshiach," and how the British-Israel doctrine is used for evil, the coming Russian-Iranian invasion into Israel, the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, as well as how all of these things fit into Biblical prophecy, and as a result, our own future. Moreover, Clinton reveals exactly how our modern society is already being primed into worship of the coming Antichrist, as well as how you and your loved ones can fight back against the coming tyranny, even now.

Perhaps because of the 'grand revealing' nature of his work, Clinton is also gathering an ever increasing list of those who outright plagiarise and profit from his research. While each of them suspiciously claim they have all received their "special knowledge" independent of not only Ortiz, and his 20+ year public website, but also independent of each other, which is becoming an increasingly poor excuse to make, given the sheer number of people all arriving at the exact same theory, at the exact same time. In 2006, came the first obviously plagiarized book that puts forward nearly 100% of Ortiz's original work, while offering no credit to him whatsoever, even though its 'author,' Dr. Joye Pugh, has all but admitted in interviews that Ortiz's website was the foundation of what became her sudden education in placing a name, and entirely updated version of ancient history, behind her cloned Antichrist figure, of whom, she is now convinced will be Britain's Prince William. This trend did not stop with her, however, but a dozen others after her likewise are putting forth the exact same theory as Ortiz, only to place their own name in the credit. These now include: Robert Bruce Frueling, Peter Kling, Grace Powers, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, Mark Dice, Pat Sings, Goro Adachi, Clyde Lewis, Tracy Twyman, Rik Clay, and Tyler Tichelaar PhD. Ironically, the same conclusions by which these plagiarists are falling over themselves to desperately latch themselves on to today, was in the early 1990's, thought to be sheer lunacy, when Clinton was absolutely alone in making his research public knowledge on the internet. It wasn't until the release of The DaVinci Code in 2003, that people all over the world suddenly became amazed by notions of a "Christ Bloodline" possibly existing and what that could mean to us today. As a result, because of the sheer interest into Dan Brown's epic novel, but moreover, because Ortiz already established a unique work long before Dan Brown even wrote his 'DaVinci Code,' Clinton's theories came into an epic success all their own, by readers who stumbled across his site while doing their own "Bloodline" research.

Many of these same people would then, after being influenced by Clinton's research, take his theories into every corner of the internet, spreading the theory turned internet rumor that Prince William must be the Antichrist. Suddenly, the website that was almost entirely scoffed at by an ignorant public in the 1990's, eventually started receiving millions of more hits since 2003, the result of which only drove up the rankings of his unique website into the top spot on Google, under the most often used keywords, making Clinton's work very hard to miss, should someone do any amount of their own research for, say, their upcoming books, post-2003. In short, while most just read a unique work and move on, there will always be those narcissistic personalities who shamelessly exploit an original work in order to make a name for themselves. Thus have the above regurgitated major portions of Clinton's work, words, personal interpretations, unique theories (both finished and unfinished), and simply copy/pasted them into book, e-book, video, blog, podcast, or other media form under their own names, in effect, offering them up to the unsuspecting public as completely original works. In the case of Robert Bruce Frueling, the very title of his book "A Revelation of King Arthur," was the title of Ortiz's own website circa 2001-2004. Many of you among Ortiz's earliest readers know there was a time when if you wanted to read anything about the truth of the identity of the Antichrist, the history of Lucifer/Satan, as well as the connection of his Cainite lineage and their underground power in elite Satanic societies, you knew where to go, because there was only one person and website in the world who put that very specific research forward, and freely since the 1990's. Bottomline, no one comes into this level of intense research and resulting knowledge instantly, or overnight, like some are attempting to make it seem, quite aberrantly. It takes decades, with great personal sacrifice, to do the original research required and thus does not come to anyone by accident. As Clinton himself testifies: "While they completely ignored my warnings and work then, they've since not only have seen the validity of my specific research after 2003, they have since made it their own."

Cainite.net Author Clinton Ortiz of www.cainite.net

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