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Are the new animal rights campaigning laws fair?

The new animal rights campaigning laws being introduced prevent any individual protesting campaigning outside any person's house connected with an animal testing lab or deliberately causing harassment, distress or alarm. The new crackdown provides the police with new powers to detain/arrest any violent protestors and makes it a criminal offence to be "outside a home for the purpose of representing to persuading the resident, or anyone else, that he should not to do something he is entitled to do, or that he should do something he is not obliged to, and causing harassment, distess or alarm to the resident."

But are these new laws fair? As the Home Office minister Caroline Flint points out, "It is wholly unacceptable that a small number attempt to stop individuals and companies going about their legitimate business" and "People (still) have the right to campaign lawfully and peacefully..." Some against animal testing in labs argue that what they are doing to make their point is nothing compared to what the animals are going through and feel that the new laws produced by the government are biased and a breach of their human rights.

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