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Ammar Al Thalg
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eng. ammar al thalg
dear friend.....this website was product for many causes.....first of all to be as some kind of self record...because all of us know the old category [I think so I exist] but with the big evolution in our world it change to[I have website so I exist]and the second cause is to keep us communicate what ever the distance between you will find many things in this website and many photos some of it have some private but I put it  in the website because I trust you ....and you deserve this trust.

you will see that this website
will give you a new news about me and about my friends
so enjoy it.

finally I would like to ask the friends who discover this website to tell the other friends about it..and to send to me Email or ordinary mail...and my address is...
damascus country
P. BOX. 158

I hope this page will activate our friendship and
I ask all the friends I know from the the neighborhood to contact me. 
you are the visitor number
dear friend push down there then writ  your regard....opinion....and what you want to say to me or to the other friends