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The true history of Drug Wars and where it came from: The year was 1999 Mangus was born on a final fantasy MUD, shown to him by Rofocale (A friend in real life) Mangus played on that FF mud along with Rofocale and Joeh (Raven) 2 years into that world a sudden VAPE was done and site ban followed and Mangus was no more. Mangus new there had to be something other then just nothing so he talk things over with Joeh (Raven) and they began talking about how they could get a mud and how long it would take to do if we they could even pull it off. After a long and stressfull search for a code base one was found... Not just anyone this one was NOT free ware, this cost Mangus $50 and Joeh $50 made out to Wolfpaw (Known server/code base group) Mangus and Joeh were very ready to take on such a huge project so the start of The Matrix began... Well into 20 areas A backdoor was used by the staff at wolfpaw.... (Ender and his brother) the backdoor was a PIPE command that was able to be used by anyone any level as long as you new the password. Well needless to say that deleted The Matrix and caused a huge phone war witch they phoned Mangus over and over again long distance only to flush the tolet when answered, my point people DONT DEAL WITH WOLFPAW there not cool at all and besides YOU DONT NEED THEM TO RUN YOUR OWN MUD! That Matrix ended and never started again as Mangus and joeh were burnt out with what had happend. The search for a new code began again.... In the middle of such a shitty search a friend of Rofocale's and Raven's (Leer) was introduced to Mangus where Leer decied to help. Leer setup Joeh and Mangus up with the code base to the Final Fantasy MUD Mangus and Joeh started out on. (cool stuff thanx Leer) Leer also agreed to be our server and reboot when needed. Keep in mind Joeh/Mangus new nothing about Imm commands let alone anything in the code of a mud. (Leer is the heart behind this world forsure!) This was the start of BoB. BoB was short for Battle Of barbarians a MIDEVIL world full of great quests, and mistakes BoB was aewsom for its time and we do still bring it up from time to time to have a look, its funny. BoB was around for atleast 1 year when the new project was created Mangus changed his name to Merlin and started AT. AT is short for Ancient Times..... And this was going to be the better BoB and so it was!!! This mud played a huge part in who is IMMortals on Drug Wars. Murion Haze Selquest they came from Ancient Times they were players just like most of you are, they played and played and role played and worked there way into knowning Merlin and Raven. And now there owners (Murion went missing a while ago so not sure about that guy) After years of ancient Times running I need for something new came over Merlin, He didnt know what it was but it was something that ment more work! Merlin was with his real life friend Raven at his house when Raven showed him a small little game called "Dope Wars" its this game where you buy and sell drugs and fly around the world trying NOT to be busted. Merlin new this was it....... A MUD that is based off the real world, no fantasy about it were talking real citys like New York and Dallas and every other one you can think of.... And Drug Wars began... Its been along hard HARD road Merlin changed his name again to Ominous Raven lays more low, but is watching. And Selquest is 110% one of the owners as Haze is Co owner with us. There is always a way to keep making MUDS you can do it if you have the time and the drive, I don't beleave you need to know everything before you start a MUD cause I new shit and well Drug Wars is some tight shit! I want to thank everyone that has and does and will have a hand in Drug Wars and many people are greatfull as well that you did or doing the work you do. Keep it up!!!

Ominous say's 'I will always keep Drug Wars as fun as possible and try new things enjoy this team created game.'

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