To Lucifer and Napoleon

There are some announcements to make:

1) First, there is no more SuperHa in this world, from now on I am YellowChicken
Look at this picture if u don't know that it's means hehe

2) I create this website just to make something to remember about the games I played, doesn't matter if it rock or suck

3) I NEED your HELP here!!!!!!!!!!
Please join me!
from now on, I don't think I can play games as much as I did.
So I need your help to play, review, rank the games and of course help with the website.
Just give me the suggestions.


5) If you decide to join, first, let's think of a name for our Team ;) I don't have an idea yet.



Finally I added computer relater stuff, check the menu.
In progress: Dynasty Warrior 4, Winning Eleven 6.


I finished FFX ....


lol did you notice that I acctually calculateKessen II reating as 3 + 0.5 = 4?

Game in progress:

Final Fantasy X :) thanks Napo. First impression: quite a good game, I got attracted after few hours playing.

Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City: man, this game can be good, you have lots of choices and freedom, but no one feeling proud of being a ciminal of any kind ~_~

08/06/2003: Man this laziness is unacceptable. Here is some good news:

1) I bought a PS2!! with Messiah2 modchip. So it means to be play everything right ~_~ accept the fact that it's really messed up when playing PSX games, but that's not a problem since I like to play PSX games on PC more.

2) I quited AoC, AoM :((

3) I played lots of games last months. Those that I finished
_ 007: Nightfire (PC) (rating 3)
_ Kessen II (PS2) (rating 3+0.5=4) (it got +0.5 for its excellent graphic, but the game it selfis not so good)
_ Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox) (rating 3) (not even close to the shadow of Last Blade, but good graphic anyway)
_ Captain Tsubasa 3 - Challenge of Kaiser (SNES) lol

Long finished but havent updated
_ No One Live Forever 2 (rating 4) (a bit dissapointed, the storyline is not as good as NOLF)
_ Medal of Honor: Allied Assoult SpearHead (rating 4) (the campaign is too short :( multi is good)
_ Last Blade 2, well I put up a Last Blade page as well, it's cool, have a look.

Those that are tested:
1) Done a little research in VBA emulation stuff include:
_ Yugioh The Eternal Duelist Soul (complete 20%) (rating 3)
_ Yu-gi-oh world wide edition (complete 20%) (rating 3.5) (both of these game actually the same in the ways of playing, but world wide edition is a bit more difficult)
_ Tactic Ogre - Knights of Lodis (similar to Tactic Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactic, but I dont have time to play yet)

05/05/2003: Too much News to add that I cant post at once lol!

30/10/2002: Just done Metal Gear Solid (PSX). rated this game 4. Pretty good game, but sometime get boring of repetition.

23/06/2002: Happy birthday to me and added No One Lives Forever to DONE games with rating of 5, another unforgettable game. 16/06/2002: 1st edit the pages. Very simple one.