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Sand Cat, Felis margarita

On January 14th, I drove to Chicago to pick up a very special package. One of very few sandcats in private hands in the USA. She came all the way from the Czeck Republic. to learn a little bit about were she came from check out this site: Sandcats are one of the smallest wildcat species, weighing around 5 pounds. They live in the sahara, are are possibly part of the domestic cats heritage. They have very large low set ears, and wirey furred paw pads to protect them from the hot sand. They are so good natured, it is said that in the wild it is possible to walk up to one and pick it up. Im not so sure about that though, because this girl is NOT a fan of being picked up at all! But she is quite scared yet. It takes a while for wild cat species to adjust to new people. She is only 8 months old, so she should adjust just fine. I will write more, after I have had her longer and know her better. Right now she is just very confused and not acting herself yet.