20 Friends, my version

A popular thing lately amongst one set of my friends is the 20 Friends Meme. Basically you make a list of twenty statements, each about a different person, and post it somewhere, people read it and see if they can guess which clue means what person (names are omitted to protect innocent and guilty alike.) Here is mine (tip, my dog is on the list, but the rest are bipedal.)

If you think you're one of these, just ask. I won't tell you which one, but I will confirm if you guess correctly.

1. Slick s.o.b, there has to be more going on inside you than anyone ever guessed.

2. Lighten up already, the world isn't going to end if others have their way occasionally.

3. You will probably die of a heart attack, I'll miss you.

4. I think you will be happy, if you decide to be.

5. You're pretty cool, but you still need to grow up.

6. Whatever it is, no, you're capable so I will NOT do it for you.

7. You are coolness, when I grow up I want to be alot like you.

9. Ask "why not?" every now and then, it'll save those last few vestiges of your sanity.

10. I've only just barely met you, but I think we'll be keeping you.

11. I really do want you to come to my parties, it'd be good for you, call if you need a ride.

12. Some day you'll figure out who your friends are, the number of names that won't be on the list will shock you.

13. Alot of people claim their parents f***ed up their lives, in your case, it's actually true.

14. You're very intelligent, I hope we get to spend more time together.

15. You must be quite an outstanding person, considering the blind hurry someone gets into to go spend more time with you.

16. If you were to cease the insults, people might like you.

17. You offered me encouragement when I didn't think I'd find it anywhere, thanks.

18. We don't see each other often, but you inspire me ... I hope to surprise you this year.

19. I mostly tolerate you for the sake of peace with others, but you've actually had a few decent moments.

20. You really seem to understand, it's scary.