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Traditional Radiators


This radiator is the new double width which can give home the extra warmth you need and want

This radiator is the most common bathroom radiator for those damp towels

These are the most commonly used radiators in every home today.  They give you the gentle warmth that every home around the country wants and loves.

Designer Radiators

Click for a larger image This is a Kitchen Radiator, it can enhance even the smartest kitchen. Where space is at a premium, this functional design will brighten the room and slip unobtrusively into hard-to-fill gaps. Position the double rail anywhere on the radiator and banish damp tea towels forever. 

Modern Radiators

For those who want luxury without fuss, it's stark, stylish lines provide flare without frills, and heat without hassle. It may be square, but it's up to date This radiator gives a new meaning to the term piping hot. These tall slender steel pipes make a beautiful statement against any wall while really turning up the heat

This radiator could be installed in the conservatory, locker room or bathroom, seating and heating can be combined in the Multiline bench radiator.