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"Is it you...? Or does he just look like you?"

Hello, and welcome to my Final Fantasy X-2 walkthrough page!

This section is simply for getting 100% on the first try on your game, check my other pages for help on sidequests, etc.

Please remember, I copyright everything in here. Don't steal!

Also, note that this walkthrough is for the US version only.

Lastly, I hope you like this game as much as I do! Okay, let's begin:


The Beginning
Mi'ihen Highroad
Mushroom Rock Road
Djose Temple
Thunder Plains
Macalania Woods
Bikanel Desert
Calm Lands
Mount Gagazet
Zanarkand Ruins

For the record, I hate this game. It's too…girly (ironically, I am a girl). You’d think after Yuna lost the love of her life she’d be all hateful and bitter, not bumbly and happy. I hate the music (I nearly killed myself when I first heard Real Emotion), I hate the general plot (plot? What plot?) and I hate what they did to some of the characters. However, there are some good qualities in this game as well. Anyways, before I get myself killed by hardcore FFX-2 fans, let’s get started. By the way, don’t steal any of my work!

Story Level One

Story Level One, Mission One

    In the beginning you’ll see a woman (supposedly Yuna) dancing and singing. After the clip Rikku and Paine will confront her, and your first battle will begin. Notice that multiple people can attack at once. Simply attack the woman and her goons for an easy victory.

    Now you control Rikku. Run and encounter two goons. Attack them and keep going. In dock 2 go by the ship and examine the huddled-up moogle. It will heal you—this is for a game percentage. Eventually you’ll meet up with Yuna and battle Logos and Ormi. After you’re done with that, Leblanc will fight you, and a tutorial will appear on dresspheres.
        - Press L1 to access the Garment Grid and change dresspheres.
        - Change Yuna to a Songstress.
        - Use Darkness Dance and inflict Darkness on Leblanc.

 Mission One Complete!

    After the battle Yuna will dance for a while. Now you’ll be back on the Celsius, the airship of this game. Save, and talk with Brother. Here you’ll receive Al Bhed Primer XXI, XIX, and III. Talk with Rikku, then Paine, and the Buddy for Al Bhed Primer XVII. Now go to the back room and use the elevator. Go to the Cabin. Talk to the Hypello there of ‘Barkeep.’ Buy whatever and rest up. Head back to the bridge when Buddy calls you. When you talk to Shinra, play his sphere that’s named ‘Journey’s Start’ for some more percent in the game. At this point, you can head off the airship at the hotspot Mt. Gagazet. Once you land Yuna will have a near-death experience, then head right and up. A jumping tutorial will appear.
        - Press and hold O while approaching a chasm to leap across.
        - Fail to press O and you may lose your balance, so be careful!

     Let Yuna jump across the ledge, then the climbing tutorial will appear.
        - Holding O as you approach a wall or ledge will allow you to climb up.

    After you do that, another jumping tutorial comes up.
        - In certain places, not pressing O will allow you to jump to the ledge below.

     If you fall Yuna will collect a Yellow Ring. After you jump across, run down the stairs and save. To the right touch the machina to get the elevator working. Once you land, to the far right side is a treasure chest with an Elixir inside. When you go up, then gang will meet with Leblanc. Engage in a quick battle with them. After that’s over a Mission Screen will appear.

 Story Level One, Mission Two: Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate!

     Mission Description: Beat the Syndicate to the top! But watch out! There’s no telling what they’ll do to stop you. Objective – Be the first to the top of the ruins.

    From this moment on you have six minutes, so get started! Head up. Logos will sic some goons on you, which can easily be defeated. Once inside the building, go to each side and touch the mysterious spheres, then go straight and hop across the columns. If you go right you can obtain a Red Ring. Anyways, head out of there and run into Ormi. He’ll set some Recoils on you. Easily beatable. After that continue up a little further, and you’ll see that the Syndicate is stuck on a ledge. Don’t get the wrong idea though. You still need to walk up the place within the time limit for some more percentage. Save and continue up the steps. Here you will encounter a boss, sadly one of the few that wasn’t copied from FFX.

 Boss One: Boris

     Meh, not too hard. Attack him and that should be all you need. He doesn’t have much as far as offense goes. Heh, my favorite is when he’ll stick his neck out and eats you. Very funny looking. This battle ends real quickly.

Mission Two Complete!

    At this point you should have 6% complete. Back on the airship, comfort Brother and see what’s on the sphere you just found. Although the clip wasn’t very interesting, you now have a new dressphere, the Black Mage. After that Buddy will detect more sphere waves, and a tutorial will come up for selecting a mission.
        - Aboard the airship, the sky’s the limit! Based on the information Buddy collects, you can travel to various hotspots, take on missions, and advance the story! To select a mission or destination, pull up the world map by talking to Buddy. Press O to return to the bridge.
    - Hotspots appear as you complete missions and Buddy collects data from throughout Spira. Exploring these hotspots unlocks new missions and episodes, placing you in charge of what direction the story will ultimately take.

    I will walk you through this starting from Besaid to Zanarkand.


    Walk to the village and talk to Wakka (who has supposedly gotten fatter). Lulu will be in the hut to the right in the middle (who has supposedly been pregnant, meh). It will be explained why Yuna became a sphere hunter.

    Explore around in the village for a bit. In the bottom let hut a girl will offer you a Besaid Key for 900,000 gil. Chances are you don’t have that kind of money. Anyways, go back and talk with Lulu and rest for the night. When Yuna wakes up go outside and talk to Lulu. Wakka’s run off somewhere! It’s mission time!

Story Level One, Mission Three: Where’s Wakka?

    Mission Description: Wakka sure is acting weird. And now he’s gone off to some cave? Gather clues from villagers and track him down! Maybe you’ll find some treasure along the way…Objective – Find Wakka, and maybe something else…

    Lulu will mention that someone in the village must know about the cave. Piece together information, and you’ll discover Yuna must find a four-digit code in order to enter the place. Here are their locations:
        - On the ledge where they once prayed on top of the hill from the village. It’s on the stone structure.
        - On the ancient road, the very first pillar is climbable.
        - Near the beach, where the children are playing. Climb up the ledge and look at the thing that reflects light.
        - By the dock. Climb the ledge near the screens for it.

    All of the areas will have a pinkish square on the map, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Now head back to the crossroad area. To Yuna’s left is a door with steps leading to it. Punch in your code and walk inside. Wakka is here. He’ll talk about a sphere. The gang will quickly decide to look for it. After you run around and climb a few places—surprise surprise—a boss will be waiting for you.

Boss Two: Flame Dragon

    This guy has the fire element, so obviously his weakness is ice. Before the battle, put on any Fire Rings you might have. Cast any Ice Magic you have upon him, and occasionally heal if need be. His attacks aren’t too powerful if you know what you’re doing. If you have a Warrior out, cast power break onto him. Watch out for his worst attack, the one where he uses some flame breath on all of your characters, dealing substantial damage. All in all though, an easy battle.

    After it’s over Yuna will pick up the sphere. Congrats, you now have the White Mage dressphere, one of the handiest and also a personal favorite of mine. Save and return to Wakka. Now you have the key item Besaid Sphere. Wakka will explain why her was there later by the waterfall.

 Mission Three Complete!

    Buddy will call and ask Yuna to wrap things up. Now you have the Protection Halo Garment Grid. Next everyone will be back in the airship. Start your next mission. Note that places that say ‘No Mission’ do not need to be visited.


    Next stop, Luca. Immediately you will be assigned a mission.

Story Level One, Mission Four: Behind the Scenes

    Mission Description: Retrace Yuna’s steps during her imposter’s concert in Luca. The truth is out there. Find it! Objective – Learn the while story behind the concert.

    After a clip or two walk Yuna the Moogle downstairs and to the man on the right that calls you. He'll assign you to 10 balloons which you must pass out in the area. Here are all of the people:
        - The girl that sways her arms back and forth
        - The boy looking at the monument
        - The two people sitting on the bench
        - The woman sitting across from them
        - The two people sitting on the floor to the far left
        - The man who is guarding the door
        - Open the window in the building to the upper left for the last two

    Before you forget about Luca complete though, go back and walk down to the Aurochs' lockeroom. Talk to Rin there. He will mention a game called Sphere Break, and will give you Al Bhed Primer XXII. If you wish to learn more about Sphere Break, go inside the other lockeroom place and talk to the short duck-like guy, who will give you a tutorial on the game. After the tutorial he'll let you practice on his board. Try it as many times as you like. I'd highly recommend it if you want to get anywhere with this game.

Mission Four Complete!

Mi'ihen Highroad

All you really need to do is arrive here. Feel free to look around it you want. Then run over to Mushroom Rock...

Mushroom Rock Road

The gang will see Logos and Ormi run off in the distance. They'll follow, but you'll run into Yaibal up ahead. Say that you know him, or don't, it doesn't really matter. He'll ask you to help kill the fiends. Talk to Clasko before going in.

Story Level One, Mission Five: Foggy Fiend Frenzy!

Mission Description: The youth League is a bit shorthanded. Help them out by cleaning out the fiends along Mushroom Rock Road! Fiends will attack more often under the cover of fog. Proceed with caution! Objective - Reach the lift leading to headquarters.

    Start down the path. Walk only when the fog is lifted unless you want to encounter some fiends (and maybe you DO, that is if you want to train or something). In order to follow Logos and Ormi you must hop down into the valley below and go to the end. Collect Crimson Sphere 3 and head out. Speak with Maroda for some percentage. Then continue up and speak with Elma at the end. Walk into headquarters and speak with Captain Lucil multiple times. go over and talk with Maechen who is sitting to the side. He will drone on and on about stuff. DO NOT INTERRUPT HIM!!! It's for percentage. Then let him shake your hand and then you can leave.

Mission Five Complete!

    Go back to the airship and watch the sphere you found. Now go back to Mushroom Rock and peak to Clasko to the right of the save sphere. Let him ride the airship and talk to him in the Cabin once there.

Djose Temple

Your next stop is Djose. A clip will play, and Gippal will pass. Go inside the temple and receive the letter from him after you have registered off to the side at the temple. He'll give you Al Bhed Primer IV. That's all that needs to be done. Bikanel Desert will become a hotspot, but let's wait till later to go there.


Once at the Moonflow go down the path. Talk to the little thing running around (his name is Tobli). Walk further down the path and meet the lost Hypello along the South Bank Road.

Story Level One, Mission Six: Shave the Hypello?

Mission Description: If bandits grab the cargo, chase them down and take it back! You'll lose the cargo if they get away. Objective - Escort the wagon and its cargo safely to the Moonflow.

    In order to complete this you can't let any of the cargo slip away. You will be stopped a total of three times. The main trick is to catch the bandits while they are coming off the cart. When you make it back, Tobli will give you the Gun Mage dressphere. You will also receive the Helious Guard Garment Grid.

Mission Six Complete!


This place is kinda weird without the Guados. Not that I liked them much to begin with, heh. Anyways, all that needs to be done here is that Yuna needs to go to the Farplane entrance, on the upper right of the town. Hear what she has to say, then leave.

Thunder Plains

The only thing you need to do is arrive here, that's it.

Macalania Woods

Once here, walk up the path and listen to the guy carrying the harp. After that, go talk to Donga at the spring area to the right. Now walk up the main path into the woods. Eventually you will meet Pukutaku, who you should talk with. Finally, go to the Sphere Lake at the end and talk to Tromell. Speak with him four times. He will give you Paine's special dressphere, Full Throttle. He will also give you the Unerring Path Garment Grid. Good job! Continue on to the Travel Agency. After getting Al Bhed Primer XVI, watch for O'aka. Follow him for another mission.

Story Level One, Mission Seven: Follow that O'aka!

Mission Description: O'aka is on the run from debt collectors. Go hunt him down, but stay on your toes! He's faster than the average merchant. Objective - Find O'aka and corner him.

    Run through the path and meet O'aka at the campsite. He explains his problem, so let him hide out in your airship.

Mission Seven Complete!

You will receive the Ice Queen garment Grid. One at the airship again, talk to O'aka in the cabin. He needs your help to pay off his debt. Do this before Story Level 3 and you should be fine.

Bikanel Desert

Now head over to Bikanel. After Rikku makes you wander for a long time, some Al Bhed will rescue you and give you Al Bhed Primer XXIII. Go right and talk to a man with Rikku and Paine. Then, after talking to more people, Nhadala will arrive. Show her Gippal's letter to start digging.

Story Level One, Mission Eight: Can You Dig It?

Mission Description: Dig up the machina parts that Nhadala asked you to find in the desert and transport them safely to camp. Objective - Dig up and deliver the needed parts.

    Talk to the pilot and head out. A quick tutorial will appear, and then you can begin. Look for the yellow X on the map, and travel to the white ones if you have time. When you get back she'll give you 100 gil for your efforts, and also the Still of Night Garment Grid.

Mission Eight Complete!


Once at Bevelle, use the lift to enter the place. I don't know about you, but I was expecting this place to look a bit different than it does in the FFX-2 inside. Meh. Anyways, walk down and let the clip play. Talk to Barely, then you may leave.

Calm Lands

    Here you can play some different games. First, you simply need to arrive in the Calm Lands for some percentage. Then Rikku will tell you about the stuff here. Walk down to the silver arrow on the map, where you will meet two representatives from each company. In their menu click on Publicity Campaign and begin to advertise for the company. For now, that's all you need to do here.

Mount Gagazet

    Once here you can talk to Kimahri. When another Ronso talks, choose the "We'll take care of Lian and Ayde" option. Talk to all the Ronsos around you and try to stay agreeable with them. Finally, go to the Fayth Scar and talk to the Ronso there. Choose the option " A change for the better, I hope."

Zanarkand Ruins

    Finally we can go here...

Story Level One, Mission Nine: Claim the Treasure Sphere!

    Mission Description: Treasure sphere waves have been traced to Zanarkand Ruins, once holy ground. Don't be the last sphere hunters to claim the prize! Objective - Acquire the treasure sphere.

    Walk upward and talk to Isaaru. Now set out for the dome. Once you're done inside the chamber, talk to Cid. When he asks you if you don't like what's happened to Zanarkand, choose the second option. This is crucial. Then continue to the next room after talking to the other man. Open all 5 of the treasure chests and continue up the stairs. A voice will speak to you and ask the password. After you give it, he'll ask you another question. Pick the last option. When he's done explaining himself, go forward and down the stairs. Move down the pathway and pick up the sphere--but not before you encounter a boss.

Boss Three: Guardian Beast

This guy packs quite a punch. If you've been visiting other places prior to this fight, then he should be no problem. If you haven't, however, be very careful. Talk a White Mage out (if you have that dressphere) and a Black Mage. The other character should be a Warrior. Heal constantly! He likes to place Curse on you, so counter it with whatever you have. His Photon Attack is the most powerful though. Heal immediately after that attack. When it's over they'll grab the half sphere.

Mission Nine Complete!


Back on the airship you will be automatically taken to Kilika after Buddy reports finding an awesome sphere. In the second half of Kilika's port, go up the first set of stairs you see and to the hut on the left. Talk to Dona in there. After she'll (rather rudely) brush you aside, go to the entrance of the woods. Nooj will make a speech. Mission Time!

Story Level One, Mission Ten: Awesome Sphere Heist!

    Mission Description: Break through the checkpoints in the woods and at the temple steps. once you're in, acquire the sphere that New Yevon's been hiding! Objective - Capture the awesome sphere.

    Go into the woods and watch all the commotion going on. From the save sphere, run right and up the smaller path. Continue on it and turn to go straight. Go see what's happening in the trees. They'll mention the password: If the number of guards at the checkpoint is odd, the password is Carved Monkey. Even, then the password is Craven Monkey. Now turn to the right path. Save at the Save Sphere. The first password you need is Craven Monkey. The second is carved Monkey, the third is Craven Monkey, the fourth is Carved Monkey, and the fifth is Carved Monkey again. If you get all of them right you receive the Menace of the Deep Garment Grid. A small argument will be held. Now get ready for a boss!

Boss 4: YSLS-Zero

    This guy is certainly powerful. He's weaker against magic than he is with physical attacks. His blast Punch can really hurt. Heal when necessary, and believe me, it WILL be necessary. He will also use his Haymaker attack occasionally, the worst of them all. Sooner or later he'll fall down...good work!

Story Level One Complete!