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An innovative guitarist, Phil DeMarsh's distinct style is reflected in his personal yet universal songwriting. Vulnerable yet confident, Phil's exposed vocals sail across a backdrop of intricate guitarwork, constructed over 15 years of study. Perpetually creative, this seasoned artist has a rare and committed obsession with his craft. Inspired by his travels throughout Canada, Phil's organic songwriting offers a glimpse into his unique spiritual perspective. A passionate performer, Phil's guitar style is both percussive and melodic which provides perfect complement to his diverse repertoire. A fixture in London's downtown community, Phil can regularly be heard performing at Scot's Corner, and at the Covent Garden Market. Phil has performed at London's Richmond Tavern, Brunswick Hotel, and at The Gravity Club. Featured as part of the Harrington MusicFest, Phil has also given performances at Windsor's Lift Lounge, at Sarnia's Tilting Planet, and at Steamer's in Victoria, BC. Phil has appeared several times on the "New Day" program and featured on "Speaker's Corner" on CFPL TV. In fall of 2002, Phil was introduced by London's mayor, Anne-Marie DeCicco for his special opening performance for The DeCicco Brothers at Aeolian Hall. Phil has also opened for bands such as the Golden Seals and for songwriter Veda Hille. Also a guitar instructor with over 20 students, Phil recorded an album of his original material which is available for sale at performances. A vibrant contributor to London's music scene, Phil is anticipating concerts this summer at festivals, restaurants, coffeehouses and nightclubs.