Healing chants

The sounds are from the CD Atlantis Angelis by Patrick Bernhardt, released by Imagine, CP 2442, Ste-Adele, Qc, Canada, JOR 1L0.

This chant refers to the various frequencies of energy that apply to the respiratory system.

Om mani padme hum
This ancient Tibetan mantra generates compassion. The sound instills peace, contentment, joy and serenity.

Gamo-al, gamo-al, gamo-al
This is used on diseases influencing the liver.

This is the universal vibration of self acceptance related to the ego and soul.

Yo-ooh-da ha-jo-ha vo-aa ha-jo-ha
The total frequencies of the Creator of the universe. When you are ready to acknowledge the total existence of God, and are prepared to reach beyond the limited self, into Creation, this will assist you in your expansion.

Lau-rru bao
This is associated with diseases pertaining to the lower extremities resulting from circulatory problems and muscle disorders.

These sounds or chants prepare the vibrations for meditation and learning. They unblock energy paths and allow the start of the spiritual flow.

Yo-ooh-da, Yo-ooh-da, Yo-ooh-da
This is the sound of God within. Use it for spiritual healing and retreating.

To be used for all the conditions affecting the shoulders and arms, such as bursitis, arthritis and nerve disorders.

This will assist you in receiving universal vibrations and communication.

Au-ma laa
This will guard your energies against negativity. It crates a protective shield.

Ko-faa-ra cho-ra
Use this chant with all children. It is particularly effective when dealing with children who have karmic conditions, such as Down's Syndrome, mental or autistic afflictions. It bypasses the personality, opening the mind to the soul.

She-ma, She-ma, She-ma
This sound aligns you with the energies of "Sananda", the feminine aspect of God, the gentle frequencies of love. Share it in unity.

Om namo narayanaya
Narayanaya is the name of the Preserver of the world. In the wake of creativity, this preserving energy establishes and maintains a balanced order in the universe. This particular aspect of supreme energy regularly takes on a human form, incarnating on earth for the benefit of mankind. People who are closely involved with the running of the world, and maintaining the harmony in life are drawn to this aspect of universal power.