General Seminary Studies Required

1. Liturgy and the Sacraments

Divine Liturgy & Rubrics
Vestments and Linens
Sacred Vessels
Church Furniture and Furnishings

2. Church History

Early Church History
Persecutions and Establishment
Councils and Schisms
Reformation and Counter Reformation
Rome, England and Eastern Orthodoxy

3. Documents of Faith

Credal Documents
Early Church Fathers
Early Writings of the Church
Major Writers, Tradition, Apostolics

4. Social Justice Issues

Church and Society
Conflict, Morality, Justice
Just and Moral Society

5. Preaching and Ministry

How to Preach
Ministering in Mission or Parish

6. Theology

St. Paul
Early Theologians
Later Theologians
East vs West

7. Mission

Mission Statement
Accomplishing Mission

8. Christology

Who was Christ
Proof and Acceptance

9. Bible Studies

Old Testament -- Prophets
Torah and Law
Historical Books
New Testament
Epistles and Letters

10. Biblical Faith

Old Covenant
New Covenant

Anyone interested in studying for Holy Orders needs to apply to the bishops, including a curriculum vitae, an explanation of their vocational feelings such as why they feel they are called, establish a dialogue with our hierarchy, and then we will analyze their data and get back to them.

Those who have completed their training, or desire special consideration, should contact our bishops with their feelings. If you are already ordained, and would like to incardinate, contact us directly with your application.

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